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Medicinal treatment of hair loss

Innumerable medications and agents promise that they can stop or even reverse hair loss. But the fact is that to this day a healing of hair loss based purely on medicinal treatment is not possible. However, intensive research efforts have led to development of preparations which – depending on the respective cause – significantly restrict the loss of hair. Hormonal treatment is the most important method of stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth.

The two most effective preparations for men are Propecia® and Avodart®. They contain the active ingredients finasteride and dutasteride, whose efficacy against hair loss could be clearly proven in clinical studies. The active ingredients finasteride and dutasteride are able to inhibit the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Avodart® as well as Propecia® is only available by prescription.

Minoxidil (better known under the product name Regaine®) also has a positive effect. It is used externally and applied directly to the areas of the scalp affected by baldness.

There are situations in which the use of these medications is advisable, but they also have disadvantages:

After establishing your personal hair situation, the medically trained consultants from Moser Medical will gladly provide you with precise information regarding whether medicinal treatment may be appropriate for you and which form would suit you best.

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Hair Loss

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