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In addition to head hair, the eyebrows are frequently affected by hair loss or sparse growth of hair. Eyebrows are extremely important for our appearance because the eyebrows assume a central position in the face and frame the eyes. Eyebrows are special forms of body hair and are unique in their structure. In contrast to hair loss on the head, the loss of eyebrows is absolutely tabooed socially.

Treatment proceeds similarly to transplantation  on the head. However, the transplantation of eyebrows requires very special ability from a physician. Even the smallest deviation in the direction of growth will be immediately noticed by other people. The individual hairs lie much more densely on the skin, which requires a special implantation technique. It should also be taken into account that the hairs here – unlike on the head, where there are groups of 2, 3 and 4 units – each must be implanted individually. Therefore the transplantation  can help to attain a substantial alteration of appearance in the area of the eyebrows – a positive alteration if this treatment is performed by a professional.

Hair transplantation can help to attain a considerably more distinctive appearance in the area of the eyebrows.

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