Complete baldness

Margit Kohler

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Complete baldness can no longer be concealed. The bald spot is clearly visible in any situation and substantially alters the appearance. Nowadays a person can tolerate with this quirk of nature or take advantage of another resource of nature: the hair roots in the fringe of hair at the back of the head that grow life-long and which substantially increases one’s own attractiveness. Even with personnel managers you have better chances again, because the first impression – and thereby the frontal view – counts!

Moser Medical presented the Moser Method at the International Congress for Hair Restoration Surgeons in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, when 1,000 hair roots were transplanted for the first time. Today we transplant up to 4,500 follicular units in one mega-session, which is particularly advantageous for large-scale bald spots.

Partial solutions also contribute substantially towards an enhancement of attractiveness. Because the most important point during eye contact is the hair in the area of the forehead. The result is particularly impressive, especially in case of complete baldness. Many patients report afterwards that they are often estimated as being younger by a good 10 years.

Incidentally, the growth of hair occurs after a resting phase. The hair grows slowly and fine again, a very natural growth of hair. It will be so easy for your environment to accept your external optical change without being immediately noticeable.

Our method is globally recognised and widespread. At Moser Medical it has been further developed to an exceptionally high standard, which only a handful of clinics worldwide achieve. Our instruments are adapted to the individual requirement of the individual patient during the treatment. We already take into consideration the direction of growth, hair structure and possible crown when placing the incisions. This ensures an aesthetically appealing hair image.

Over the course of more than 30 years of transplantations  worldwide have been performed in our clinic. Our medical team consists of 17 experienced assistants, of whom several have been employed by  our clinic for the past 10 to 15 years. During this time they have gained experience in terms of routine, and have also participated in the further education programme at the Moser Medical Academy.

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