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Hair transplantation

Moser Method: the safe and effective measure for hair loss

All people lose hair – losing up to 100 hairs per day is normal. However, about 65 % of all men and about 40% of women suffer from increased hair loss that leads to thinning areas on the head and balding. In many cases, the well-being of those concerned is restricted due to hair loss. This is a situation which a person does not have to live with, because there is a permanently effective measure for solving this problem: hair transplantation according to the Moser Method.

Hair loss among men generally starts with a receding hairline or slight tonsure baldness. Over time these bald and thinning areas grow together, which amounts to an aesthetic impairment for many men. But women also suffer increasingly from partial hair loss, usually at the middle parting. A good hairdresser can help for several years...

And then? Many people, feel less self-confident with hair loss. 

The desire for a natural result  can be fulfilled by the proven Moser Method for hair transplantation. The Moser Method is simple, safe and effective, requiring only one treatment session on one day.

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