Hair loss: reasons, effects, solution.

Margit Kohler

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Hair, regardless of culture and trends, is a sign of youth, beauty and vitality. About 12% of men are affected by hair loss in their twenties. The amount of hair loss can increase continuously. Almost 50%of men in the 50s suffer from genetically caused hair loss. Although men with thinning hair or bald patches are accepted by society, the desire is still there for a full head of hair and the associated carefree attitude to life. The hair is one of the most visible components that affect the appearance. It gives information about important biological characteristics such as gender, age and health, but also provides major insights into social status and group affiliations. It can also provide valuable information about individual personality. The hair has a strong influence on our perception of our fellow men and to our own self-image. This is due to the hairs immediate prominence, it´s enormous variability, it´s easy manipulation and its totally individual personal characteristics. If the hair is thinning, all kinds of tricks can be discovered such as extreme short hair or even a new "passion" for headgear. Hair loss results in the loss of quality of life. Even if not obviously demonstrated it represents a limitation in situations such as job applications, dating and decision making in new situations.

A major reason for hair loss is inherited genetically.

Androgenetic alopecia

With two thirds of the men, the tendency for hair loss is genetically inherited from the parents and is based on the genetically inherited sensitivity of the hair roots. The metabolic product called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is produced by the male sex hormone testosterone and the enzyme 5-alpha reductase this is stored at the receptors of the hair roots and develops the proteins being important for the hair growth. If too much testosterone is converted, it increases the effects of DHT that leads to the degeneration of the hair. This means that, the affected roots produce only fine, almost invisible, short, downy hair or the hair simply falls out.

Three factors affecting each other cause hair loss:

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Hair Loss

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