Hair transplantation by Moser Medical

International hair research institutes discovered decades ago that the hairs at the back of the head are genetically programmed to grow for a lifetime. This is the basis of a permanent solution for hair loss - hair transplantation by Moser Medical, Europe's no. 1 in hair transplantations.

Around three quarters of all men and one third of women are affected by excessive hair loss. Hair loss and the development of bald patches on the head are considered to be an aesthetic impairment by many of those affected who are in search of a solution to this problem. Hair transplantation by Moser Medical offers a permanent remedy to this that is safe, effective and aesthetically perfect, all in a single day of treatment.

Basis of the hair transplantation:

By nature, hair roots grow in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs. These groups are known as Follicular Units (FUs). FUs originating from the back of the head are programmed for lifelong growth. They are removed from this "donor area", carefully prepared and subsequently transplanted to bald or thinning areas affected by hair loss. After a resting phase, the transplanted hair roots form new (own) hair, which fulfils the patient's desire for a thick, healthy appearance of hair.

Moser Medical at a glance

  • A market leader in Europe.
  • Experience from over 30,000 treatments
  • State-licensed clinic
  • Team of 18 medical professionals
  • Growth Guarantee and Total Return Guarantee
  • Intensive preparatory care and aftercare
  • Company-developed nutrient solution
  • Moser Medical BioRegeneration
  • Ongoing further training of doctors and the team
  • Numerous international awards
  • In-house research laboratory
  • Highest hygiene standards

Hair transplantation procedure:

At Moser Medical, we use tried-and-tested treatment procedures with the latest methods. You have the choice of whether you would like to opt for a "strip method" (FUT technique) or "individual hair extraction" (FUE technique). At the start of treatment, follicular units are removed from the donor area – depending on the type of treatment selected, these may be removed all at once (FUT technique) or by means of individual FUs (FUE technique). A highly trained team of medical assistants then prepares the hair roots for transplantation using high-resolution microscopes. What is more, these are stored in a nutrient solution researched and developed by Moser Medical, in order to promote subsequent growth. The recipient area (bald or thinning areas on the head) is subsequently prepared with tiny, roughly pore-size apertures. In the next step, hair specialists transfer the FUs to the recipient area with the instruments being precisely adapted to the hair structure during the treatment. The Bioregeneration Solution developed in the Moser Medical laboratory is sprayed onto the recipient area for growth and faster healing. Only Moser Medical patients enjoy the advantage of the nutrient solution ("Storage Solution") and the Bioregeneration Solution.

Criteria for hair transplantation of the highest quality:

The hair density to be transplanted and an aesthetically natural appearance of hair represent essential characteristics that need to be taken into consideration for hair transplantation. The selection of the most suitable treatment method (FUT or FUE) is determined by the following factors:

Taking into account your wishes, our specialists clarify during a personal medical specialist consultation which treatment technique and scope is ideally suited to your requirements in order to fulfil your wish for full hair. These consultations are free of charge at Moser Medical!

Quality characteristics:

We only implement treatments in which all criteria for successful hair transplantation at the highest quality and with future sustainability, have been carefully considered. At the same time, our decades of experience, based on the results of tens of thousands of successful hair transplantations, pay dividends All hair transplantations worldwide are measured by this “Gold Standard”.

Moser Medical is a member of the largest and most active international organisation for hair surgery, the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). This non-profit organisation founded in 1992 ensures and promotes continuous quality improvement, as well as the training of professionals in the field of hair surgery. Moser Medical is not only a registered member, but actively participates in the most important global congresses, since techniques and equipment continue to develop rapidly. Our physicians and medical assistants regularly give lectures at these international congresses themselves and use them for further education.


The exclusive benefits to you of a hair transplantation by Moser Medical:

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