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Comparison of F.U.T. and F.U.E. methods




Type of extractionA narrow hair strip is extracted.The FUs are extracted individually with a special punch.

Maximum number of follicles per treatment?

4,5002,000. In larger treatments, “uncertain” donor areas would have to be made use of running the risk of transplanted hairs falling out again at a later time. It is also important to leave enough donor hair so that the area does not appear sparse.
Which hair density can I expect?A higher density, because the extracted follicles have a good quality and a greater number can be extracted.A lower density, because a certain number of follicles will be traumatised during the extraction.
When will I look 'presentable' again?After a few days.After approx. 1 month, once the hairs on the shaved back of the head have grown again.
When can I take up sport again?Approx. 3 weeks after the treatment.Approx. 3 – 5 days after the operation.
How long does the treatment last during the transplantation of approx. 2,000 FUs?About 4 – 5 hours.About 10 hours, or in larger cases 2 days, because extraction proceeds slowly.
Will the back of my head be shaved?No.Yes in most cases.
What scars are formed in the donor area?A long thin scar which is cosmetically closed and practically invisible thanks to the “growing-through technique”.Thousands of extremely fine circular scars which close on their own after a short time.
By when and how does the donor area heal?The suture is removed after approx. 10 days.Heals by itself in a few days. 

How many treatments can be carried out using the donor hair?

3 – 4 treatments are generally possible;  even with repeated treatments only a single scar – which is covered by the remaining donor hair – remains.1 – 2 treatments are possible. Adjacent follicular units will be “distorted” during the first treatment, which makes follow-up treatments more difficult. The number of micro-scars increases with each treatment.
How high is the percentage of extracted hair which can be transplanted completely intact?Over 98 %.About 80 - 85 %.
How does the injury to the skin during the extraction turn out in terms of area?Low.High.
How long does the extraction of hair last?About 45 minutes.Several hours.
Where do I get the best result with light hair?The extraction of FUs is possible with highest reliability.The losses during the extraction are higher than with dark hair.
How good is the viability of transplanted hair?Very high.


How does a very tight scalp have an effect?Only a smaller number of FUs can be extracted.

No restrictions during the extraction.

How is the aesthetic appeal in the extraction area?No restrictions – the scar is covered by hair.The extraction area thins out slightly – dot-shaped scars can be visible.

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