Quality Management

In Austria, the legal regulations allow aesthetic treatments in general, at any surgery. The main difference at our clinic is in the details. You will find a higher standard in terms of hygiene, technology and expertise. This standard is documented in the manuals and can be kept track of. Professional competence in treatment, service, equipment, training and education represent the basics of the quality management in our clinic. As a state licensed private hospital, Moser Medical voluntarily subjects itself to a strict public quality control. The Vienna Hospitals Act regulates the legal rules, norms and commitments, the framework for quality assurance in order to offer patients the best possible protection. Compliance is regulated by the authorities.

In Vienna, the MA15 - Municipality of Health and Welfare is responsible for the regulatory compliance and for that purpose carries out regular assessments directly at the clinic. It focuses on maintaining quality standards in the treatment process and on binding processes in compliance with hygiene standards.

The correspondence to all these requirements and laws has an important influence on the satisfaction and safety of our patients.

Moser Medical has set itself the goal to not only meets the legal requirements, but sees a central role in quality management for maximum patient safety and to ensure satisfaction.

For this aim, the following measures have been introduced:

Good quality management to ensure optimal treatment processes is characterized by qualified and competent staff:

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