Receding hairline

Margit Kohler

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The increased loss of hair on the temples is referred to as a receding hairline. A receding hairline can be excellently concealed under a long top layer of hair. But a gust of wind or stroking the hair backwards while absorbed in thought quickly reveals a small or great secret on the forehead. This is harmless but frustrating.  Hair transplantation  provides a lifelong satisfactory solution.

A person’s hairline on the forehead is different at different ages. The hairline recedes in a natural way with increasing age. In contrast to a person 30 or 40 - 50 years of age, the hairline of a person 15-20 years of age is at a different point and also different in terms of shape. For example, if you are 40 years of age and your hairline should be brought to the level of a 15 - 20 year-old person, the aesthetic appearance will be unnatural, will not correspond to your age at all and will look artificial. The determination of a natural hairline tailored to your respective age, your type and with regard to the future, is a very serious consideration and requires expertise.

If the receding hairline is set too deeply, it not only looks unnatural but also unaesthetic. Physicians often perform a treatment with the best of intentions, but this first turns out to be inadequate or flawed in 10 years. Based on over 30 years of experience we know that the overall image must be right today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Our physicians together with their team transplant the prepared hair roots on the thinning or bald area with craftsmanship and feeling for aesthetic appeal. Tradition and innovation meet with us. Dr. Jörg Hugeneck has implemented the most  hair transplantations worldwide. Dr. Karl Stiefsohn brings valuable knowledge into the collaboration from his activity as a surgical specialist.

The most important thing is to select the position of the hairline so that it also corresponds to the natural development in more mature years. Our specialists are attentive to the overall image and create a naturally irregular (feathery) hairline with fine individual hair roots which become more and more robust and denser rearwards.

Thanks to 30 years of experience we can treat our patients so that the hair image remains aesthetic into old age. The number of hair roots in the donor area is limited. That is why our hair restoration surgeons carefully plan the application of valuable resources. We guarantee that all hair roots extracted from the donor area find the suitable place on thinning or bald areas within three to five hours. Following the treatment your responsible assistant will tell you – precisely to a hair – how many hairs have been transplanted.

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