Receding hairline

Margit Kohler

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Some women have a receding hairline from birth on and perceive their appearance as too masculine. These women usually have a good donor area. The most important resource for a lifelong satisfactory solution – hair roots growing for a lifetime – can obtained from this donor area by means of an own hair transplantation.

The female hair bordering on the forehead is rounder and thereby has a distinct feminine effect. The skill and fine technique of our hair restoration surgeons is particularly exhibited here. Irregular, fine individual tiny hairs – which thicken rearwards – are initially implanted so that an aesthetic hairline emerges. Thanks to the particularly fine precision instruments we already take into account during the incisions the direction of growth and hair structure as well as a possible crown and are able to attain a particularly high density.

At Moser Medical we are guided by one thought: to achieve the best aesthetic result for our patients, for their satisfaction and their well-being. Since our establishment we know that we can only achieve this goal if the quality standards are correct. As one of only few clinics in this field we voluntarily undergo public supervision, and are also state-licenced. So we guarantee the highest standards in terms of equipment, hygiene and quality management. This provides our patients with the highest medical safety. We generally perform two to three hair transplantations daily. So our assistants acquire a high degree of experience, as well as familiarity with routine. Thanks to the high-resolution microscope the assistants concentration and efficiency double, speed is the “life insurance” for the hair root. All this guarantees our patients the best result.

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