Karl Moser, his brother Werner, Dr. Jörg Hugeneck and Dr. Karl Stiefsohn and their own team have been concentrating since 1979 on their own surgical hair restoration. This method of surgical own hair restoration has received international recognition and has been a tremendous model role in the hair surgery.

Research is essential in order to follow the development of new techniques and procedures in the field of surgical hair restoration. The development of new technologies also makes it possible to improve the process of hair transplantation, so that the convenience of the treatment and the quality of the results can continuously be increased.

The hair is one of the most complicated and fascinating part of our body. In order to get targeted information however, what factors can affect the hair growth, it is imperative to know the hair down to the smallest detail of its structure and its functioning.

Therefore, a hospital owned research laboratory was set up. The research laboratory is unique in its kind in Europe and affects a keen interest in international trade circles and in the media landscape. Since 2000, our laboratory has been working intensively on the molecular cell research. Our research projects provide excellent results, enabling the development of products and methods for the post-operative treatment of our patients.

The development- and research work at Moser Medical is divided into 4 main parts:

The research activities of Moser Medical have been awarded a number of international prizes and awards. It was in August 2005 in Sydney that its outstanding research- and treatment results were awarded with the Platinum Follicle Award - the highest honour of the world in this segment of hair surgery.

Karl Moser knows that the composition of his team and the positive identification with the innovative and friendly company contribute significantly to the success of Moser Medical.

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Moser Medical

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