Siglinde Felgenhauer

 I am overjoyed. Now I can move “freely”, without any fear of wind or rain! And all of this with only one treatment on only one afternoon. 

Ms. M. M.

 I am “simply thrilled” by the result. Today I feel “real” again and I can leave the house without problems! My progressive hair loss was diagnosed as early as age 17, and I recognised that the progression will occur similar to that with my brother. I tried various tinctures, but nothing helped. As a supposedly last resort I decided on a fixed hairpiece that I also no longer took off at night. Accordingly, I did not feel... 

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Cornelia Ohrt

 At age 16 a person tries out many things in terms of styling! With me it was the attempt to dye my hair blonde. But the preparation was too hot and burned the back of my head so that the hair no longer grew … The positive experience reports, the caring advice and the many years of experience convinced me of Moser Medical. My treatment was absolutely pain-free, just like the following weeks and months. 

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Sylvia F.

 I would have endured any physical pain on myself to get rid of the spiritual suffering. The four-hour treatment has completely changed my life. If I had known how easy it was I would have had the treatment done much earlier. " Since I absolutely cannot be convinced by advertisings or brochures I made my decision after having seen examples of the transplantation results, I therefore invite you to look at photos of... 

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