Thinning hair

Margit Kohler

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Men with thinning hair often do not know when the right moment for a transplantation of their own hair has arrived. On the one hand, the hair loss has not yet left behind clear marks (it first becomes visible once 50% of the hair is lost), while on the other hand one would not like to miss out on the best moment. Thanks to many years of experience we know when the right time for  hair transplantation is. You do not have to endure baldness in order to do something about it.

A natural hair density is equivalent to up to 100 follicular units (FUs) per cm². But we know that a natural, denser appearance is already achieved from 25 FUs pro cm². This density can be achieved by means of a good transplantation of your own hair. This means that a patient with thinning hair only needs 50% more hair in order to attain a natural hair image. The art of hair transplantation is to handle the existing hair roots as sparingly as possible so that a natural hair image can be attained. The precision instruments are continually adapted to the patient’s hair structure during the transplantation treatment. The slits placed, are as small as pores and heal quickly. This is the ideal prerequisite for densifications. When placing the slits we take into consideration that every existing hair is important to our patients , its direction of growth, hair structure and possible crown are also important considerations.

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