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Development of baldness in the parting

Thinning hair or incipient baldness in the parting can be initially concealed through clever hairdressing. Women particularly suffer from hair loss because it is socially accepted mush less among them as among men. Hair loss in women is frequently equated with a disease, and as a result the bald spots become an eye-catcher.

Among women the presence of androgens and other hormones produced by the ovaries can cause hair loss. This results in the fact that increasingly thinner hair,  enormously reduces a woman’s satisfaction with her own appearance. The hair transplantation  can substantially enhance the appearance. When should something be done against thinning hair or baldness at the parting? A certain degree of thinning hair must be achieved so that hair transplantation is meaningful. Thanks to our more than 30 years of experience with hair loss we can tell you whether now is precisely the right moment to do something.

In recent years we have specialised in the particular characteristics of female hair loss and we know their needs and genetic predisposition. Our patients enjoy the wealth of experience and the professionality of hair restoration surgeons from Moser Medical, and can count on an individual suitable aesthetic result.

At Moser Medical we work according to the “gold standard” by which all hair transplantations worldwide are measured. The precision instruments are always individually adapted to the personal hair structure of every hair patient during the treatment. The incisions placed are as small as pores and heal quickly. This is the ideal prerequisite for successful, permanent densifications. Our patients are presentable again within the shortest time.

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