Tonsure baldness

Margit Kohler

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The vertex (tonsure) is hardly apparent when someone looks straight at your face, but with every movement of the head – turning, lowering or lifting – a bald spot shines on the back of the head. It is extremely conspicuous in photos where a person can be seen from behind. No problem with a cap! But eating, dancing or enjoying sports with a cap is impractical. For the monks in the Middle Ages the tonsure was a sign of their devotion and their farewell from any worldly interest. It is a sign of tradition and culture which does not concern worldly-oriented men nowadays, thanks to own hair transplantation.

In the case of tonsure baldness, the specialist initially analyses whether there is a tendency towards complete baldness. Because the optimal solution of  hair transplantation can only be lifelong satisfactory if the existing, limited number of donor hair is distributed with foresight. More than 30 years of experience have taught us that the direction of hair growth, hair quality and the existing crown have to be taken into consideration when placing the incisions for an aesthetic hair image. For this purpose the team of physicians employs individually made instruments which allow a particularly high densification. This method known as Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting is regarded as the “gold standard” in the industry, which the Moser clinics and very few other clinics worldwide achieve.

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