Why to choose Moser?

We want you to feel comfortable with us. This requires an honest analysis of your situation and desires. You will only be able to decide for the treatment if the atmosphere and the professionalism meet your requirements. We only recommend the treatment, if we can achieve the best aesthetic result personally for you. Is the chemistry right? Then let yourself convinced once more by our years of experience and competence.

The resistant

Moser Medical was founded in Vienna in 1979 by Karl and Werner Moser. Since that time, the brothers expanded to Germany with clinics in Bonn and Augsburg. The owner-managed family can look back on more than 30 years of experience, international success and numerous successful treatments. Patients of second and sometimes even third generations come to us today, because they know from experience in their own family, what we can achieve.

The Perfectionist

Moser Medical stands for quality. It has three state-licensed clinics. This means strict regular controls of medical and hygiene standards, and continuous evaluation of our results. To date, more than 100 doctors have come to us to learn from the best. All our training and education are documented with manuals. This quality is comparable to an ISO certification. Our patients enjoy the latest technology, highest quality standards and an internationally trained team. To achieve the most natural and most aesthetically pleasing results, the following fundamentals are necessary:

The Competent

We only work with specialists who have opted out of conviction for Moser Medical. They enjoy worldwide reputation in terms of their extensive training, experience and pioneering work in the field of surgical hair restoration. The cooperation of Dr. Jörg Hugeneck and Dr. Karl Stiefsohn is characterized by 30 years of experience and medical innovation. Dr. Jörg Hugeneck has carried out worldwide the largest number of surgical hair transplants. Dr. Karl Stiefsohn’s contribution to the team work is his experience in innovation and valuable knowledge from his work as a specialist in General and Visceral Surgery. Our patients are in good hands.

The concentrated

Half of our 17 assistants have been with us for more than 10 years. The advantage of their routine is that every move is perfect. So we can achieve the perfect result for our patients. The preparation of the hair follicular units requires intense concentration. They are divided into their naturally grown units, free of excess tissue and then are placed in the alimentary solution, then sorted by size of unit and fineness of hair. Two thirds of the treatment lasts between 3 to 5 hours and is carried out by our assistants. In order to maintain the optimum concentration, an appropriate work and rest planning is necessary. Therefore there are 17 assistants at Moser Medical, who are highly concentrated up until the end of the treatment. Likewise, high priority is set for the education and training of employees. The assistants are always medically up to date. They are among the few who give lectures at international congresses and participate in Live Surgery's. Many other health care teams arrive to Vienna to assist at treatments.

The patient-oriented

At our institute the satisfaction of every single patient counts, since our first transplantation up to today! Patients come to us from all over the world with the highest standards. Politicians, artists, and even hair surgeons choose our institute as the site of their hair transplantations. You will not recognize a hair transplant even with people you see every day on TV. We are only satisfied if we achieve the best aesthetic results and our individual patient is pleased. Your satisfaction is our reputation!

The methodologist

Moser Medical presented first in 1992, the groundbreaking Moser method in front of an international hair Surgeons Congress in Rio de Janeiro. Since then it has been accepted worldwide. The Moser method is described in the scientific standard medical textbook, "Hair Transplantation" and is an essential lecture in the study of hair transplantation surgery. The book was first published 40 years ago. Since the 3rd edition Moser Medical is represented in it. In the next, fifth edition, that appears soon, our new results will be presented. Only Moser clinics guarantee you that you will receive a surgical hair transplant using the most up-to-date developments of the Moser method.

The technologist

Since the foundation in 1979 we have continually carried out developments and are specialists in surgical hair restoration. Technology using of Ultra Refined Follicular Unit grafting is now known internationally as the "gold standard". Even under the microscope, it is very difficult to distinguish the outcome of the natural hair image. Only a few clinics worldwide are able to offer this gold standard. The Moser-clinics obviously use this method during a hair treatment and adjust the instruments to the particular hair texture. After removal the hair is placed under high-resolution screen microscopes and cut into hair follicular units. This procedure must be precise and fast, so that every single hair can be replaced and grow. Our patients are pleased with the result we achieve; the aesthetically greatest possible hair density. The best method requires the best technology; we invest pleasing in our technical and medical infrastructure to please you.

The researcher

Since 2000, Moser Medical operates its own research laboratory in the Vienna clinic. The research results are often groundbreaking and internationally recognized. In 2008 the internationally operating German cosmetics group Beiersdorf AG (Nivea, Labello, Eucerin, etc.) started research collaborations with Moser Medical. The aim was to find together innovative solutions for hair loss. The breeding of the own hair is in the distant future, but it is an internationally leading topic in research and some important basic results have already been achieved. These results are used for the benefit of our patients - exclusively at Moser Medical. As a consequence you continually enjoy better results and faster healing after the treatment.

Excellent top quality

The research laboratory established in 2000 achieved a remarkable success in 2005 at the International Congress of Hair in Sydney with the "Platinum Follicle Award". This award is the highest international honour in the field of hair restoration surgery and is awarded annually by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), for the world's best clinical experience in science and research in hair surgery. Since the founding of our laboratory, we have won 10 awards; 5 awards for the results attained in our own Biotec research. Hair surgeons from all around the world come to Moser Medical for training purposes (and surgical hair transplants). Our patients can be sure to enjoy the best treatment in the world. Also the Consumers' Association recommends treatment in the Moser-clinics.

The Networker / International networking

The doctors at the Moser-intensive hospitals regularly exchange information with colleagues from around the world. So the best will upon be improved. This exchange gives our patients consistently high standard in treatment and care. Only a handful of hospitals have reached the level of quality that we obviously work at Vienna. We organize workshops to actively pursue knowledge sharing at international conferences and have direct contacts with the world's leading surgeons. With the world's leading clinics in Brazil, USA and Canada, we cooperate at the highest level in the field of know-how transfer and motivate each other to achieve the highest performance.

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