Young Men

Margit Kohler

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Hair loss among young men usually starts with a slowly rising hairline, receding hairline or thinning hair. The critical view in the mirror and the comparison with the hair image of friends strengthens the desire for the “old” magnificent head of hair. The right time for hair transplantation is essential.

The current hair situation has to be properly assessed for a lifelong hair transplantation of one’s own hair that is appropriate in terms of age and type. How will this young man look in old age? Our hair restoration surgeons and medical assistants perform up to three treatments daily and have a high degree of experience as well as familiarity with routine. They handle the resource hair sparingly, because this is limited. Nowadays a partial solution is sometimes the ideal form of treatment so that sufficient FUs are still available for a possible own hair transplantation later.

Hair cloning is a topic that we continually deal with in the field of research. We have already succeeded in growing hair roots in vitro. With the current state of knowledge we can say that perhaps cloning will be possible in 20 years, but maybe never. We constantly carry out research and have been repeatedly distinguished for special achievements. In 2005 we received the Platinum Follicle Award, the highest international award in the field of hair restoration surgery.

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