My confidence has improved. I really notice a positive difference during the working day, for example in meetings and presentations.

I speak completely openly about my hair graft and try to help other women through my experience. My hairdresser is as happy about it as I am!

The hair transplant at Moser Medical gave me back the feeling of unrestricted freedom.

I felt uncomfortable with my hair situation for 10 years. Now I finally enjoy my hair again and feel 10 years younger.

Welcome to Europe’s Number-One Hair Transplantation Specialist

Moser Medical has been a hair grafting specialist for 38 years. With just a single, one-day, treatment we can provide a lasting solution to your hair-loss problems. “A head full of hair instead of being bald” - for a lifelong sense of well-being.


Here’s how we can improve your hair-loss situation


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Do you have questions? We’d be happy to help.

How does hair transplantation work? How do you choose a method? What will the result look like? Why choose Moser Medical? As a prospective hair transplantation patient, you surely have many questions. 


Many answers are located on our website but please don’t hesitate to contact our medical consultants. They are available at seven locations throughout Austria to offer a personal consultation. One thing is clear: you want to be satisfied with your hair situation. And we can support you along the way.

Free consultations throughout Austria

The quickest way to competent information. Specialist medical consultations including a hair analysis are available at seven locations throughout Austria. Get in touch today for an individual hair consultation near you.

Klagenfurt Graz Linz Dornbirn Wien Innsbruck Salzburg
Margit Kohler
Margit Kohler Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg
Helena Bartosek
Helena Bartosek Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland
Mag. Elisa Puksbaum-Haberl
Mag. Elisa Puksbaum-Haberl Carinthia and Styria

International Consultants


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