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Almost nothing says masculinity as much a thick, impressive beard. From mustaches and goatees to full beards, the popularity of beards and facial hair has been booming recently – thick beards and lavish beard care are totally on trend! But for men with irregular or sparse beard growth, this trend may be hard to achieve.

Bald spots, scars or a person’s genetic disposition can be reasons for irregular or patchy facial hair growth. This is one cosmetic problem that can be solved with a beard transplant. Experts in hair transplants, Moser Medical offers free beard transplant and facial hair transplant consultations in Vienna, for non-binding and transparent information.

Moser Medical – experts for beard and facial hair transplants in Vienna

Irregular, patchy beard growth is primarily a cosmetic problem that can be concealed by a facial hair transplant. Because beard hair is quite different to the hair on the scalp, the method of beard transplantation differs from a head hair transplant. During a beard transplant with Moser Medical in Vienna, hair is removed from a chosen donor site on the head so that it can be re-used as beard hair, as long as it it grows strongly enough.

If the hair on the head is too fine, it won’t be suitable as a substitute for the beard hair, since it cannot guarantee a natural look. During your preliminary examination for your beard transplant in Vienna, we will determine whether your hair is suitable for a beard transplant.

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Moser Medical has been the leading specialist for hair transplants for 40 years – our numerous international awards are proof of our expertise. With the experience from our our 32,000 successfully performed hair and beard transplants in Vienna, we offer expert, long-term hair loss solutions. Beard transplants pose a special challenge as the openings in facial skin have to be very superficial and particularly fine. In addition, it is essential to observe and follow the natural direction of growth for each individual hair in order to ensure a natural appearance.

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