Crown Hair Transplants

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A bald spot at the top of the head is a special type of hair loss: unnoticeable when looking at a person head on, but turn your head and it is easy to see. This typical pattern baldness is seen in many men across the world.

Many try to hide their bald spot with hats or carefully styled comb-overs – but this option is not always possible in important meetings or when exercising. A crown hair transplant can be the solution. Moser Medical is the leading specialist for this long-term hair loss solution and offers comprehensive consultation on hair transplantation and bald spot treatment.

Crown hair transplants: procedure and methods

State-of-the-art methods

There are basically two methods for crown hair transplants. The FUT method takes a strip of donor hair from the back of the head for further transplantation. The FUE method, on the other hand, involves taking individual follicular units from the back of the head and transplanting them onto predefined areas. Both methods rely on findings from international hair research – the hair on the back of the head is genetically programmed to grow throughout a person’s entire life. These hairs are extracted from the donor site on the back of the head and transplanted onto a person’s bald spot. Before your crown hair transplant, one of our specialists will analyze whether you may have a tendency to become completely bald as a result of progressive hair loss. After all, you will only enjoy your hair transplant for life if the available, limited amount of donor hair is distributed with the future in mind. The direction of hair growth, hair texture and the existing whorl must also be taken into account for natural looking results.

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Moser Medical – specialists in crown hair transplants

Moser Medical is one of the most innovative and established providers of crown hair transplants. Our medical team includes long-standing doctors and medical specialists. We can look back at more than 40 years of experience and over 32,000 successful procedures, and this helps us achieve the most natural-looking results in crown hair transplants, which you will love for the rest of your life.

Our state-licensed private hair clinic in Vienna exceeds the highest hygiene standards and we use cutting-edge technical equipment.

When you choose Moser Medical for your crown hair transplant, you will benefit from the highest level of safety and our surgeons’ incredible experience.

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