Hair Restoration Surgery in Vienna

Moser Medical offers hair restoration surgery in Vienna

For more than four decades, Moser Medical has been the leading expert for hair restoration surgery and long-term hair loss solutions.

Founded in 1979, the experience we’ve gained from 32,000 successful hair restoration procedures, and findings from our own research lab, make us the experts for hair restoration surgery in Vienna.

The foundation of hair restoration surgery: scientific research

The foundation of hair restoration surgery can be easily explained: it lies in international hair research findings that the hair on the back of the head is genetically programmed to grow throughout a person’s lifetime.

This hair is extracted from the head and transplanted onto problem areas – such as the forehead hair line, bald spots or the crown, for example. At Moser Medical, we are so confident in the results of our hair restoration surgery in Vienna that we even give patients our growth guarantee.

Hair restoration surgery: costs and techniques

Each person’s situation is unique – meaning every procedure and every consultation is, too. We take a look at your current situation, analyze your hair loss, and draft a customized course of treatment for you. There are basically two methods to choose from. The first is the FUE method, in which individual follicle units are extracted and transplanted. 

The FUT method on the other hand extracts donor hair in a strip from the head. We will help you decide which method of hair restoration surgery is right for you. Because our procedures vary according to each specific patient, we do not offer flat rates or general information about the price of our hair restoration surgery – but we will be happy to discuss costs during your free, non-binding initial consultation.

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Moser Medical – center of excellence for hair restoration surgery in Vienna

Pioneers since 1979

Moser Medical is among the most innovative and established providers of hair restoration surgery in Europe. Our fully licensed clinic in Vienna exceeds even the highest hygiene standards. We use cutting-edge equipment and boast a long-standing team. When you choose Moser Medical for your hair restoration surgery in Vienna, you can be confident that you are getting the highest level of safety and the experience of over 32,000 successful procedures.

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Hair restoration surgery – not only in Vienna

serving patients at 7 locations across austria

Our consultants meet potential patients not only in Vienna, but across Austria! With Moser Medical, you can attend a free, non-binding hair restoration consultation at seven locations across Austria. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.