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Thinning hair, a receding hair line and pattern baldness: hair loss is a burden that can affect a person’s everyday life. Moser Medical has been dedicated to finding a solution to hair loss problems for the past 40 years. Our hair transplants give our patients not only new hair, but oftentimes greater confidence and a new lease on life, too. Learn more about hair transplants with a consultation in Burgenland – our consultants will be happy to help you find a personalized solution. 

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Nicole Nemec
Nicole NemecVienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland

Hair transplant in Burgenland with Europe’s leading experts

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For 40 years, Moser Medical has been a leader in hair transplants, with numerous international awards as proof of our service. Founded by Karl Moser, Moser Medical today has all the experience gained from over 32,000 successful hair transplant procedures. Our experienced hair surgeons provide long-term solutions to hair loss problems: a patient’s own hair is taken from the back of the head and transplanted onto balding or thinning areas.

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Hair transplants

Hair transplants are based on international hair researchers’ findings that the hair on the back of the head is genetically programmed to grow throughout a person’s entire life. We take advantage of this fact and “relocate” these healthy hair follicles onto thinning or balding areas. The procedure generally lasts a single day, and you will be ready to get back to your social life within just a few days.

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Exclusive advantages of Moser Medical

  • Experience: We have specialized in hair transplants since 1979.
  • Quality: We work with the future in mind and consider how our patients will look decades after their procedure.
  • Quantity: We transplant up to 4500 FUs (follicular units) in one procedure.
  • Growth guarantee: We guarantee that at least 93% of all hair transplanted will grow in procedures with the FUT method.
  • Top performance: Our team is a well-oiled machine, and our doctors are internationally renowned.
  • Recognized: Among other awards, Moser Medical has been awarded the “Platinum Follicle Award”, the top award for hair surgery.
  • Top hygiene: As a state-licensed private clinic, we exceed the highest European standards and AKH standards. Regular public controls can confirm this.

Moser Medical offers non-binding hair transplant consultation in Burgenland

Free consultation

Every person’s hair situation and hair loss is different and must be analyzed individually. For this reason, we are happy to invite our patients to a free, non-binding initial consultation in Burgenland to help them learn more about hair transplants and make their decision. We will explain our various options and methods, answer any questions you may have, analyze your hair and then walk you through the procedure in detail in a medical consultation. Hair transplants are conducted by our skilled team of experts in Vienna, and can typically be performed in one day. We will then guide you through post-care – and give you our growth guarantee for your new hair.

Consultation in Burgenland and throughout Austria

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The knowledgeable Moser Medical team is available for you in Burgenland and across Austria. With Moser Medical, you have the opportunity to get free, non-binding initial consultation at one of our locations across Austria. We will be happy to explain your options and prospect of success with knowledge and understanding.

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Hair loss treatments

Various types of hair transplants

Hair loss can bring with it a variety of problems. Depending on the hair, history and prognosis for the future, a hair transplant can be a sustainable, permanent solution. It can be used for the following:

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Nicole Nemec
Nicole NemecVienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland