Hair Transplants to Restore Receding Hairlines

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The hair on the area above the temples becomes thinner, and the hairline retreats further and further until only a tuft of hair remains at the top – a receding hairline is nothing new to most men. After all, it is something around 80% of all men experience in their lives.

This type of male pattern baldness can be very uncomfortable for men, and can lead to psychological issues as it progresses. When it begins, a receding hairline in this area can often be concealed with remaining hair – but there’s always the chance that these areas might be exposed by carelessly running your fingers through your hair or even a gust of wind.

A hair transplant to correct a receding hairline above the temples can be the long-term, sustainable solution you’re looking for.

Say goodbye to your receding hair line!

Hair transplants utilise international research that shows the hair at the back of the head is programmed to grow throughout a person’s life.

These follicles are taken from the back of the head and transplanted above the temples. There, they continue growing healthily – a permanent way to correct a receding hairline.

Why does a receding hairline develop?

Hair loss at the hair line

Everyone’s hairline develops throughout our lives. As we get older, the hairline at the forehead naturally starts receding. Thin areas above the temples may start developing, oftentimes making it hard for men to wear their hair as they wish. A hair transplant to correct a receding hairline can offer a safe, sustainable solution – for a lifetime.

Personalized options for a hair transplant to restore a receding hairline

A natural result is the top priority when filling receding hairline with a hair transplant – for example, a man over 50 shouldn’t have the hair of a 20-year-old.

The Moser Medical doctors give their all to create a natural-looking hairline and take into account a patient’s natural hair growth – a task that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. You will regain vibrancy and life after a hair transplant to restore your receding hairline – without losing your natural look.

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