Our Experienced Hair Surgeons and Team Members

Our team is made up of experienced hair transplantation doctors, medical assistants, specialty consultants, and service staff. All of our employees strive to ensure a perfect treatment that runs smoothly, as well as a comfortable atmosphere for all of our patients. We warmly welcome you!

Moser Medical Behandlungsteam

Moser Medical medizinisches Team


Karl Moser 
Owner and Founder

Claudia Moser
Clinic Manager

Our goal is to provide you with a perfect treatment through every step. Our office is family run and the atmosphere reflects that. It is particularly important to us that you feel completely comfortable in our clinic.

The doctors at Moser Medical


Markus Horacek, MD (left)
General and gastrointestinal surgery specialist

Franz Veit, MD (right)
General and gastrointestinal surgery specialist

Dr.Markus Horacek und Dr. Karl Stiefsohn

It makes us proud and happy to see our patients beaming with joy at their one-year return visit after their hair transplantation.

The medical team  

From left to right:

Row 1: Denise Bürkle - Dr. Markus Horacek - Karl Moser - Zita Vajda

Row 2: Esmail Hazare - Renata Stankiewicz - Lidiya Übelbacher- Karolina Lukaszewska - Katarina Laciak - Bianca Augustin - Elfriede Penz

Row 3: Bettina Jun - Gordana Kristic - Anna Smolka - Vanja Iliic

I've been part of the Moser Medical team for about 25 years now. Between the doctors and the medical team staff, we have the combined experience of over 30,000 treatments.

Zita Vajda
Zita VajdaMedical Team Manager

Experten für Micropigmentierung (STP)

Rene Oczeret (im Bild links)
Experte für STP-Behandlungen

Veselina Jelisavac (rechts)
Expertin für STP-Behandlungen, medizinische Assistentin und medizinische Fachberaterin für Serbien und Kroatien


Service and consulting, marketing & PR

Anja Müller, MSc. (left)
Marketing, PR & deputy chairperson of consulting and service

Ursula Mönnig (right)
Head of service, consulting, and marketing

Together with our teams, it is important to us that we provide you with competent and first-class advice and support. We make sure that you feel welcome in our clinic right from the start.

Ihre medizinischen Fachberaterinnen

Janet Jutta Menzel 
Medizinische Fachberaterin für Oberösterreich

Mag. Elisa Puksbaum-Haberl
Medizinische Fachberaterin für Steiermark und Kärnten

Nicole Nemec
Medizinische Fachberaterin für Wien

Margit Kohler
Med. Fachberaterin für Salzburg, Tirol und Vorarlberg 


Your medical consultation


Ingun Berger


You can speak openly with us about all of your questions, wishes, and desired changes to your hair situation. It is important to us that we assist you with confidence and in the best possible way.

Service Team

(left to right)

Ingun Berger  -  Susanne Pinggera  -  Nicole Nemec  -  Renate Gonter

We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with us! On the telephone and in the clinic, we are your points of contact and will help to make your day at Moser Medical feel relaxed and familiar.


Snezana Zoraukovic-Krstic

Hygiene and cleanliness are very important to us. 

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