Pioneering Work of the Highest Perfection Since 1979

Hair is Moser Medical's passion. For over 35 years, Karl Moser and his team have researched and treated patients with enthusiasm and attention to the highest standards of aesthetics and quality. Moser Medical has been one of the world's top specialists in hair transplantation since the beginning and continue to regularly set international standards. Today, there are three state-licensed clinics in Vienna, Augsburg, and Bonn with over 100 employees. Moser Medical has performed over 30,000 hair transplants to date. 

Moser Medical Milestones


Founding of Moser Medical Group


Milestones in Hair Surgery


Platinum Follicle Award


35th Anniversary of the Company


Revolutionary FUE Instrument


Neue Haartherapie -  STP


#ichhabsgemacht - Sportler stehen zu ihrer Haartransplantation

A life dedicated to hair begins

Brothers Karl and Werner Moser founded the first Moser Medical clinic in Vienna. The private clinic specialised in state-of-the-art methods of hair grafting. Well-known surgeon, Dr. Jörg Hugeneck, took over the medical management of the company.

The "Moser Method" revolutionises hair grafting

In 1992, Moser Medical presented the hair grafting method they had developed in-house at the international Hair Congress in Rio de Janeiro. The Moser method was a world-wide sensation. This technique, also known as "incisional slits grafting," revolutionised modern hair surgery.

Awarded the highest honor in hair transplantation

Sydney, August 2005: The presentation of the "Platinum Follicle Awards." The highest honour that is awarded in the field of hair surgery. This was an an important endorsement for Moser Medical's outstanding performance.

Moser Medical is one of the most experienced providers worldwide

Moser Medical celebrated its 35 year anniversary in 2015. The decades of experience performing over 30,000 surgeries makes it easy to see how Moser Medical's patients from the 80s and 90s look today. It's proof for those interested that there is a long-lasting solution to their hair problems when they decide to work with Moser Medical.

A new era begins with FUE technology

Moser Medical was the first Austrian clinic to use the revolutionary Hybrid Rotations und Oscillations Instrument ("HyRO") for hair extraction. This is a milestone that combines the desires of many patients after single retrieval with the highest possible growth rate from the strip extraction technique.

Thanks to the finely rotating and oscillating head and trumpet-shaped opening ("Trumpet"), the highest removal and growth rates in the field of single retrieval technology can be achieved precisely and gently. The "punching out" of bygone days is replaced by gentle suction of the hair roots.

Behandlungen für Haarausfall ohne Verpflanzung

Jede Haarsituation ist individuell und nicht immer kann eine Transplantation von Eigenhaar das gewünschte Ergebnis bringen - z.B. wenn nicht ausreichend Spenderhaar verfügbar ist, es für die Verpflanzung noch zu früh ist oder andere Ursachen vorliegen. 

Um auch in diesen Fällen wirksame Lösungen bei Haarausfall anbieten zu können, praktiziert Moser Medical seit 2018 STP-Micropigmentierung als eine weitere innovative, bewährte Möglichkeit kahle und lichte Stellen optisch zu kaschierne. 

Mit STP-Schattierungstechnik ("Micropigmentation") wird ein optisch dichteres Haarbild erzielt, in dem man auf das Haar abgestimmte Farbpigmente in die oberste Schicht der Kopfhaut einbringt. 

Sportstars sprechen offen über ihre Behandlung

"Ich hab's gemacht" sagen Österreichische Sportstars wie Beachvolleyballer Alexander Horst, Tennis Davis-Cup Kapitän Stefan Koubek oder mehrere Fußball-Bundesliga-Kicker. Und sie meinen damit die Haartransplantation bei Moser Medical

Unisono sind sich die Sportler einig: "Die dauerhafte Lösung unserer Haarsituation ist eine gute Sache. Es gibt kein Tabu,

warum auch? Wir sprechen offen darüber, dass wir uns Haare verpflanzen ließen und stellen auch gerne das Ergebnis vor." 

Die öffentlichkeitswirksame Kommunikation der Sportler hilft vielen von Haarausfall betroffenen Personen, die neuesten Methoden der Haarverpflanzung kennenzulernen und zu erfahren, wie einfach und wirksam sie sind.

4 decades in the service of good-looking hair

2018 - 2019

2018 erweitert Moser Medical sein Behandlungsspektrum zur Lösung von Haarausfallproblemen mit STP-Mikropigmentierung für ein optisch dichteres Haarbild. 

2019 steht besonders im Zeichen bekannter Sportler, die sich offen zu ihrer Haartransplantation bei Moser Medical äußern. Ihre gemeinsame Botschaft #ichhabsgemacht wird zum österreichweiten Synonym für den tabufreien Umgang mit der Verpflanzung von Eigenhaar.

2015 - 2017

2017 brought yet another milestone to Moser Medical: they were the first Austrian clinic to use the revolutionary Hybrid Rotations und Oscillations FUE-Instrument. This allowed FUE hair grafting to be performed with unprecedented quality. Thanks to the finely rotating and oscillating head and trumpet-shaped opening ("Trumpet"), the highest removal and growth rates in the field of single retrieval technology can be achieved precisely and gently.

From 2016 until 2017, Moser Medical's international exchange of experience continued with experts in the field. Dr. Jerry Wong from Vancouver, Canada, one of the most respected hair transplant surgeons in the world, visited Moser Medical in Vienna in October 2016. He discussed the trends, techniques, and methods of the future with our specialists, through an intensive exchange of information and experience.

In January and February, a five-member team travelled to visit Dr. Ing. Devroye in Belgium and Dr. Wong in Vancouver. 

In 2015, Moser Medical participated in the annual world conference for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in Chicago. Over the course of the five-day conference, the Moser Medical team exchanged views with internationally recognised colleagues in the field while attending lectures, podium discussions and workshops. Moser Medical also contributed to 2015's world conference: Prof. Dr. Walter Krugluger, research director at Moser Medical, delivered a lecture on "Gene Expression in Micrografts During Hair Restoration Surgery."

2014 - 2010

In 2014, Moser Medical celebrated their 30-year anniversary and looked back on over 30,000 treatments. In the same year, the brothers Karl and Werner Moser shared a very special honour: the Governor Josef Pröll awarded them with the "Golden Medal of Honour for the State of Lower Austria."

Moser Medical's most important undertaking in 2014 was a comprehensive study that focused on whether, and in what form, the external delivery of platelet plasma promoted growth on the transplanted hair.

In 2012, Claudia and Karl Moser met with some of the USA's most influential hair transplant colleagues for professional exchange and internships.

The medical clinic in Vienna went through a comprehensive remodel in 2011. The modernisation was planned and implemented by Werner Moser, twin brother of Karl Moser and co-founder of Moser Medical.

2009 - 2000

In 2009, Moser Medical celebrated the 30-year anniversary of being an owner-operated company.

In 2007, Moser Medical was a fifth-time recipient of the Research Grant from the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). This grant was presented in recognition of Moser Medical's special achievements and developments in the field of hair transplantation.

In 2005, Moser Medical won the "Platinum Follicle Award," the world's highest honour in the field of hair surgery. This was a unique endorsement for Moser Medical's performance, research, and pioneering work in the field.

The 2003 presentation of the "Collosseo Awards" in Rome and the Research Grant in New York confirmed the outstanding quality and consistency of Moser Medical's work.

In 2002, Moser Medical received the Michelangelo Award in Florence. In the same year, Moser Medical's biotechnology research received the Research Grant, one of the highest international awards in the field.

In 2001, Moser Medical's clinic in Bonn was expanded and became state-licensed.

Karl Moser founded his own research laboratory in Moser Medical's Vienna clinic in 2000. This milestone ensured the future of Moser Medical's performance and competence. Projects such as studies to understand the biological mechanisms of hair growth and loss provided insights into the development of the storage and bioregenerative solutions for hair transplantation. Successes such as these only benefit Moser Medical patients!

1999 - 1979

As the acceptance of modern aesthetic surgery increased, so did the demand. In 1994, Moser Medical's state-licensed clinic in Augsburg was founded. The treatment spectrum was expanded to include other types of plastic surgery.

Moser Medical's own method for hair grafting was presented in 1992 at the international Hair Congress in Rio de Janeiro. The Moser Method became a worldwide sensation. Moser's grafting technique, Incisional Slits Grafting, revolutionised modern hair surgery. This method was immediately recognised internationally and became the worldwide model. It was even described in "Hair Transplantation," which sets the standards for the field. Moser Medical was the first to make this breakthrough in hair surgery when they developed the Incisional Slits Grafting method.

The first Moser Medical clinic in Bonn, Germany opened in 1989. In addition to hair transplantation, this clinic offered a comprehensive range of services in modern aesthetic surgery. Only a few clinics worldwide operate on this same level. 

The owners, doctors and treatment team travel at least once a year to conferences and training courses with a few international experts. A particularly special friendship and technically inspiring cooperation exists with Prof. Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, Prof. Dr. Carlos Uebel and Prof. Dr. Nelson Heller.

In 1979, twin brothers Karl and Werner Moser founded the first Moser Medical clinic in Vienna. The private clinic specialised in state-of-the-art methods of hair grafting. Well-known surgeon Dr. Jörg Hugeneck took over medical management of the company.

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