A Full Head of Hair for Greater Well-Being

We want you to feel comfortable with us and with your results. Your path to greater well-being begins with an honest consultation about your hair situation. If we determine that we can achieve a positive aesthetic result for you, we will begin a treatment— but only then. Experimenting with treatment isn't something we do. Our many years of success and competence are what help us to produce the best results.


It is a really beautiful and emotional experience for me when I see patients beaming with happiness over their full head of hair.

Karl Moser
Karl MoserOwner and Founder

You can trust Moser Medical

  • Experience. With over 30,000 treatments performed since 1979, Moser Medical is Europe's leading hair transplantation clinic and recognised worldwide.
  • Focus. We don't offer an assortment of aesthetic treatments in our clinic. Instead, we specialise in what we do best: hair transplants.
  • Reliability. Our owner-managed clinic has branches in Vienna, Augsburg and Bonn, all able to offer exceptional patient care before, during and after treatment.
  • Accessibility. Seven consulting offices throughout Austria offer potential clients easy access to beginning the conversation about hair transplantation. For our international clients, we are able to offer consultations in various languages through our Vienna office— for example, English, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian.
  • Competence. State-of-the-art hair grafts are made by highly qualified hair transplantation specialists.
  • The highest standards of quality. Moser Medical is a private, state-licensed clinic. Regular internal and external control checks guarantee the best quality— in hygiene, for example, ensuring treatments of the highest quality.
  • A strong team. Our experienced, long-term employees are experts in our process and familiar with every step along the way. They work meticulously as a team for the benefit of our patients, both in the medical field as well as those employed in service and consultation.
  • International. Our specialists have learned from the best in the world and come to us for further education. An ongoing exchange of knowledge and experience is an essential part of Moser Medical's corporate philosophy.
  • Innovation. Our in-house lab conducts research and contributes findings to internationally recognised specialist publications. We examine and question current trends. We only employ techniques that have been proven to produce positive outcomes for the betterment of patients.


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