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Hair loss and balding are problems that affect men and women alike. Women especially suffer psychologically from thinning hair, bald spots or a receding hairline, since a full head of hair is one of the most common characteristics of classic femininity. Female baldness can be caused by many things – genetics, hormones, medical issues or accidents can lead to hair loss and balding in women of all ages.

Depending on the cause of hair loss in a woman, a hair transplant can offer a lifelong, sustainable solution.

By the way: we stand by the effectiveness of our hair loss treatments – our growth guarantee for hair transplants prove it!

Greater confidence thanks to hair transplants for women

Independent of culture and current trends, thick, lush hair is a sign of youth, beauty and health. The fact that men are affected by hair loss is well known and somehow accepted by society – we see men with bald or clean-shaven heads every day. But women also suffer from hair loss – more so than you might think. Around a third of all women over 25 and nearly 40% of women over 50 experience hair loss.

Because the topic is taboo, these women suffer not only from the cosmetic aspects of hair loss, but can also feel isolated and unattractive. A hair transplant for women can offer a long-term, sustainable solution and spare her from a lot of pain. After their procedure, patients often report feeling more confident and enjoying their appearance.

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Every patient and every situation is different – which is why each hair transplant journey for women at Moser Medical begins with an in-depth consultation. Only with comprehensive consultation can we ensure that each patient receives the best possible solution for her hair loss problem – from purely medicinal options (Regaine) to hair transplantation surgery.

Medical consultation with Moser Medical is free and is offered at seven locations across Austria. We look forward to hearing from you!

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By the way, we offer consultations in 7 locations across Austria! With Moser Medical, women have the opportunity to attend a free, non-binding initial consultation about hair transplants and hair loss solutions across Austria. Contact us today!