How much does a hair transplant cost? 

Everyone who is interested in a hair transplant will sooner or later need an answer to this very important question. You won’t find any explicit price information for individual follicular units (FUs) or pricing for different types of hair loss on our website – for one very good reason. Every patient is different. So actually, the more accurate question is: “How much will MY hair transplant cost?”

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At Moser Medical, every procedure is tailored to meet our patient’s needs. You can count on transparency and fairness.

Hair transplantation costs

Moser Medical does have a clear price list we use to make a binding, concrete offer as part of our consultation. Fair calculation of the prices and costs of a hair transplant also takes into account essential criteria such as age, organization of resources and patient requests, as well as medical conditions that are necessary to achieve the best-looking results.

We use our experience of over four decades of specializing in hair transplants to determine the required amount of follicular units (FUs, individual hairs and groups) needed for an aesthetically-pleasing result during your (free) medical consultation. During your consultation, we will put together an estimate that is precisely tailored to your needs and hair wishes.

Criteria for calculating the price of a hair transplant

HaIr transplant costs
  • Hair structure, thickness, color, direction of growth, condition of the scalp.
  • Size of the area to be treated.
  • Density of the transplant – necessary for natural-looking results.
  • Prognosis of potential future hair loss.
  • Available hair resources and hair density at the donor site.

Compare prices for hair transplants

It’s natural to compare prices and options. We recommend every patient get detailed information about the costs and the services included before choosing a hair transplant. However, when we talk to prospective patients, we repeatedly find that some make the mistake of simply multiplying the hair follicles they assume they need by the unit price offered by competitors and coming up with a price. This can lead to confusion and an incorrect estimate.

We advise patients to question the recommended number of hair follicles at each consultation. Maybe more will need to be extracted and transplanted because the growth rate is not high enough? Or perhaps a lower density is being recommended to keep the price low ...?

When receiving specific offers, find out whether the estimated amount is in terms of follicle units (FUs) or individual hairs. This often leads to confusion: FUs consist of 1-4 individual hairs!

The method of counting and the calculations based on it can give you the impression that there are extremely high differences in price. Did the surgeon take an exact count of the transplanted hair? Insist on your right to complete transparency and documentation of your treatment.

Customers feel the most secure in their decision when they can expect the perfect result based on a clearly calculated price without hidden costs!

Easy, affordable financing

We’ll support you on your hair transplant journey with flexible financing options!

Why shouldn’t you make an investment in beauty, well-being, and long-term happiness?

Moser Medical cooperates with Hair & Beauty PAY* to help you achieve your long-awaited treatment. Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of flexible financing with an affordable installment plan and a repayment schedule that is tailored to your needs.

Flexible hair transplant financing starting at 0% interest 

  • 0% interest and no processing fees for payment plans under 12 months.
  • Flexible repayment schedules from 12 to 60 months.
  • Flexible repayment in small monthly installments.
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Many of Moser Medical’s patients use our great 0% financing* to help make their hair dreams a reality. We handle everything on the administrative side – so you don’t have anything to worry about. 

Quick, easy processing

  • A photo ID and a valid ATM card are sufficient for financing inquiries under € 4,000.**
  • You benefit from quick, easy processing.
  • A binding financing decision is typically available within a few hours.

During your personal consultation we will work together to draw up the most affordable and convenient payment model for you. We will determine the amount of financing and the length of the payment plan based on your personal wishes.***

Once we receive a positive decision from our financing partner, nothing will stand in your way. You can finally achieve your dream without waiting any longer.


* Hair & Beauty PAY is a service of our partner SANTANDER Consumer Bank Austria.
** Applies to employed and retired persons.
*** The effective annual percentage rate depends on the payment schedule, monthly payment, loan amount and customary bank credit rating. We will be happy to work out an example for your situation. Subject to change.