Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are getting a hair graft, you expect the best possible result. You can be sure that Moser Medical will give you just that! We have almost four decades of experience and have performed over 30,000 procedures, so you can be confident when we guarantee you the best possible result.

Moser Medical Growth Guarantee

A perfect hair transplant gives your hair a natural look in terms of hairline, aesthetics, and density. What's important here is not the number of transplanted hair root units but rather how many of the implanted hairs actually grow.

In a hair transplantation the number of transplanted hairs is recorded exactly. And one year after the treatment, our medical staff will meticulously examine your progress to check the growth rate of your transplanted hairs. By combining all of these factors, we can guarantee patients who elect to undergo a FUT procedure a high rate of growth.

The Moser Medical Growth Guarantee

  • For FUT treatments, we guarantee a growth rate of at least 93% of all transplanted hair-root groupings (FUs = Follicular Units).
  • We analyse the look and style of your hair at a yearly check-up.
  • You book your own check-up appointment one year after your procedure at our clinic.

  • The checkup takes place 13 months after your procedure at the Moser Medical Clinic in Vienna.
  • If your growth rate is under 93%, we will give you a follow-up procedure free of charge
  • * This guarantee is not valid under the conditions outlined in the medical consent form.

Influencing Factors for a Hair Transplant

  • Choosing the best possible extraction technique (FUT or FUE) for your individual hair situation.
  • Professional preparation and storage of hair roots in the Moser Medical Storage Solution.
  • Highest possible degree of care and decades of know-how behind the entire grafting process.
  • Highest possible quality of service and follow-up care including the Moser Medical Bio-Regeneration Solution.

Total Return-Garantie

Total Return Guarantee

When it comes to your hair, we are ambitious, irrespective of the extraction technique that is best for you. That's why we remove slightly more hair roots from the donor area that agreed upon during the consultation. This is for your safety and it ensures that under no circumstances are fewer FUs extracted than necessary.


Wenn es um Ihre Haare geht, sind wir (ehr-)geizig. Wir entnehmen daher - unabhängig von der gewählten Entnahmetechnik - geringfügig mehr Haarwurzeleinheiten aus dem Spenderbereich, als mit Ihnen in der Beratung vereinbart wurden. Dies geschieht für ihre Sicherheit und es gewährleistet, dass auf keinen Fall weniger FUs entnommen als benötigt werden.

Karl Moser

Every additionally extracted hair is also transplanted, completely free of cost. Moser Medical bears the cost of this additional service.

Free Consultation Throughout Austria

We will gladly provide you with more details about our guarantees during your free medical consultation.

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