Strip-extraction Technique (FUT)

Folicular Unit Transplantation refers to a method for obtaining donor hair from the hair-extraction site (the donor area), in which a single ellipsoidal strip of hair is extracted from the donor area. That's why FUT is often referred to as the stripe- or strip-extraction technique. It is a technique that has proven itself over the course of decades to be one of the leading methods in the field. The transplantation of a patient's own hair is identical in the FUT and FUE techniques; the only difference is how the hair is removed. 

Here's how the treatment works:

Doctor Consultation

and preparation


of hair strips from the back of the head


of extracted hair roots


of the prepared hair roots

Follow-up Care

of the transplanted hair roots

Doctor consultation and support on the day of your procedure

Before the procedure there is a comprehensive consultation with the doctor, in which your new hairline will be drawn in. For the duration of the day of your procedure, you will be accompanied by your personal medical assistant, who will prioritise your comfort.

Hair transplants that follow the FUT technique usually last a few hours and can be easily completed on the day of the procedure. 

FUT Extraction of Hair Strips

The procedure begins with the removal of hair roots from the hair crown (the donor region). This process lasts about 20-30 minutes. As a patient you will remain completely conscious, but a local anaesthetic and the doctor's careful, experienced hands will prevent you from feeling any discomfort during the extraction.

Some advantages of this extraction technique are 1) its brief duration and 2)  the fact that you will not need to shave the back of your head. Additionally, the strip-extraction technique protects the removed hair roots, which ultimately helps ensure a very high growth rate.

Preparation of individual hair roots

Our team of medical assistants (up to 15 specialists per treatment) uses high-resolution screen microscopes to organise the hair roots (FUs) from the hair strip into their natural groupings. Ths process must happen quickly and precisely so that the FUs can swiftly be transplanted. Careful preparation ensures the maximum rate of growth.

In addition, for the best possible growth, the hair roots are stored in the "Storage Solution", a special nutrient solution developed by Moser Medical Research, between the extraction and the transplantation. This immunises the hair roots against growth disorders. Meanwhile, the doctor prepares the transplant area with tiny openings (slits/incisions). 

Transplanting the hair roots into bald areas

In the final step of the treatment, the prepared FUs are transplanted into all of the previously-outlined bald or thinning areas. At this stage, achieving a natural and consistent result is the highest priority. To ensure this, our experienced specialists use particularly fine precision instruments and pay attention to the direction of growth and structure of the hair, as well as potential curling locks, while making the incisions. This ensures a particularly high level of hair density and a result that will bring you joy for years to come.

Well-being includes the following:

During the Hair transplantation you can sleep, listen to your favourite music on an iPod, or you are welcome to chat with our medical team. You are welcome to have a snack, a drink, or to use the bathroom at any time.

Optimal follow-up care for the best growth

Finally, BioRegeneration (an important medical product from Moser Medical Research) is sprayed on. This promotes hair growth, strengthens hair roots, and speeds up the healing process. 

Directly after the transplantation, patients can return home or to a hotel, either accompanied or in a Taxi. 

Two days after the treatment, you can wash your hair, comfortably go out in public, go to work, and and perform simple tasks.

In the coming weeks, your hair will be in a resting phase. A little after a month, you will be able to be able to resume sport and other strenuous activity. 

Around 4-6 months after the hair transplantation, the roots will begin to develop new hair. During this phase, you will be able to notice improved growth almost daily. The end result will be visible around 8-12 months after the procedure: At this point previously thin or bald spots will be replaced with permanently growing hair.

FUT at a glance

  • No need to shave your head
  • Your donation area is usually not visible
  • Resource-saving treatment
  • High rate of growth with growth guarantee
  •  Length of treatment process ~5 hours
  • You'll be ready to go out in public again in no time

Donation site after the treatment

The site where strip is extracted is closed using cosmetic stitching. We (or your general practitioner) can remove this stitch after a few days. A modern wound-closing technique, Trichophytic closure, ensures that the extraction site is generally not visible after your treatment. Thanks to this growth technique, patients enjoy more freedom when choosing a hair style, either long hair or short.

Spenderbereich einer FUT-Haatransplantation - Detailansicht

Exclusive to Moser Medical:

  • Experience: Hair transplantation specialist since 1979.
  • Quality: Only at Moser are you always a step ahead, but you can be sure that we aren’t merely following the latest trend. We are future oriented: our experience helps us picture how our patients will look in 10, 20, or more years.
  • Quantity: Quantity: Up to 4,500 FUs in just one treatment.
  • Growth guarantee:

    We guarantee you that at least 93% of the transplanted hair will grow.

  • Top-quality performance: Internationally recognised top doctors and an 18-person team of experiences assistants.
  • Recognised: Received the Oscar of hair surgery, the Platinum Follicle Award, as well as many additional honours. You empower our work as an industry leader in hair transplants.
  • Top Hygiene: As a state-licensed private clinic, Moser Medical fulfills the highest European standards and the AKH Standard. Moser Medical regularly undergoes public examinations.

Additional Treatment

  • Individual extraction technique (FUE) 
    Folicular Unit Extraction is a procedure for obtaining donor hair where the hairs are removed one at a time. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, Moser Medical also guarantees the highest growth rates with FUE.

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