How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?  

Sooner or later, every interested party needs an answer to this question. You won't find any explicit price quotes for individual hair root groupings (FUs) or cost tables for various types of hair loss. This is for a good reason. The question must be correctly posed: "How much does MY hair transplantation cost?" Because every hair situation is different...

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At Moser Medical, every treatment is agreed upon based on the patient's wishes. You can trust us because of our transparency and fairness.

The Cost of a Hair Transplant

At Moser Medical there is of course a firm price list that serves as the basis for making you a concrete, binding offer.  We will make a fair calculation of the price of your hair transplant by calculating factors such as age, resource management, and your personal wishes, all while considering the medical conditions required to give you the best possible result.

During your free medical consultation, we rely on our decades of specialisation in hair transplants to ascertain the amount of hair root units (referred to as FUs, individual hairs, and individual hair groupings) required for an aesthetically pleasing result. During this consultation we will come up with a quote based on your needs and wishes.

Kriterien für die Preisberechnung

Criteria for Cost Calculation

  • Hair structure, hair density, hair colour, direction of hair growth, head skin
  • Size of the transplantation area
  • Graft density required for a natural result
  • Prognosis for further development of hair loss. 
  • Hair resources available and hair density of the extraction area.

Price Comparisons for Hair Transplants

It is natural to compare prices. We recommend that every patient takes time to carefully inform themselves about the costs and services of hair transplantation. In the course of consultations with interested parties, we repeatedly find that some make the mistake of simply multiplying their supposed need for hair follicles by the price offered by our competitors for their hair or hair root groups. This can lead to frustration and an incorrect estimation. 

Ask follow-up questions at every consultation about the recommended amount of hair follicles. Does more need to be removed and transplanted because the growth rate is insufficient? Or do they recommend lower density to keep the price low?

Find our if specific offers are estimating based on hair root groups (FUs) or individual hairs. There is often confusion here: hair root groups consist of 1-4 individual hairs.  This difference in the amount of hair and the calculations based on it can thus appear very high at the first glance. Did the surgeon take an exact count of the transplanted hair? Demand your right to complete transparency and documentation of your treatment.

Customers feel the most secure in their decision when they can expect a perfect result based on a clearly calculated price.

Simple and Affordable Financing

We support you all along the way!

Why shouldn't you make an investment in beauty, well-being, and long-term joy?

Moser Medical cooperates with Hair and Beauty PAY* to help provide you with your long-awaited treatment.  Don't wait any longer. Use the advantages of flexible financing with affordable deferred payments adjusted to your optimal time frame. 

Flexible financing available from 0% interest 

  • 0% interest and no processing fees for payment plans under 12 months.
  • Flexible payment terms from 12 to 60 months.
  • Flexible deferred payments in small monthly amounts.
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Many of Moser Medical's customers use the great 0% financing* offer to fulfill their hair wishes. We handle everything on the administrative side so you don't have anything to worry about.

A Quick and Easy Transaction

  • For financing requests under € 4,000 all we need is a photo ID and a valid bank card.**
  • You profit from a quick and simple transaction.
  • Usually the binding financing decision is ready within a few hours.

During your personal consultation we will work together to develop the most affordable and comfortable payment model for you. We establish the finance amount and the length of the payment plan based on your personal wishes.***

After a positive response from our financing partner there is nothing more in your way. You can finally achieve your dream and don't need to put it off any longer.

* Hair & Beauty PAY is a service of our partner SANTANDER Consumer Bank Austria.
** Valid for both employed persons and pensioners
*** The effective annual percentage rate depends on the length of the payment plan, monthly payment, credit amount, and a typical bank credit rating.