Hair transplantation without shaving

With Long Hair FUE you can get back to everyday life even faster!

Groundbreaking innovation for even greater convenience

The donor site at the back of the head usually needs to be shaved when using the FUE method. But that’s not the case with the new long hair FUE method – no shaving is required!

This is made possible by the use of the new HyRO instrument, paired with the expertise of our hair surgeons, who achieve particularly precise extraction even with full hair on the back of the head.

 Dr. Markus Horacek

“Long hair FUE procedures are more complex for the doctor and do take a bit longer than the conventional individual extraction method; but patients are presentable immediately after their procedure and can continue to style their hair as they always have.”


No-shave individual hair extraction – long hair FUE 

  • No shaving or cutting the hair necessary – ideal for women
  • Extraction possible with any length of hair
  • Discreet; patients can present themselves quickly after surgery
  • The most gentle extraction method thanks to the cutting-edge HyRO instrument

Exclusive FUE long hair method at Moser Medical

Our unique hair extraction instrument can simultaneously rotate and oscillate, as well as vibrate. These techniques can be used individually or in combination, in any order needed, and result in faster and very gentle procedures.

A specially developed and revolutionary attachment also allows individual follicular unit extraction (FUE) with uncut or unshaven hair. Not needing to shave allows our patients to be able to get back to their normal work and social life as quickly as possible because others won’t see any visible signs of hair extraction (e.g. a shaven area at the back of the head, sutures, etc.).

As with the FUE or FUT methods, the hair transplanted in Long Hair FUE usually falls out again after a few weeks. During this time, the hair root goes into a kind of resting phase, and then produces strong new hair after about 3 months. The end result is reached after approx. 8-12 months.

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 Karl Moser

With many of our patients, we have found that the transplanted hair is strengthened by Moser Medical’s storage solution to such an extent that they no longer need their usual “resting phase,” and do not fall out after the transplant. 

Procedure: long hair FUE


and preparation

No-shave extraction

of the individual follicle units


of the individual follicle units


of the harvested follicles


with our BioRegeneration solution

Comprehensive consultation and care on the day of your hair transplant 

Before your hair transplant, you will have a detailed consultation with your doctor, during which the desired hairline will be drawn. Your personal medical assistant will accompany you throughout the day, ensuring you feel taken care of and comfortable.

The extraction time depends on the extent of the long hair FUE hair transplant (number of follicular units needed) and typically lasts 1-3 hours.

Extraction of long hair

Unlike classic FUE, long hair FUE does not require shaving the donor site at the back of the head.

The follicular units (FUs) to be transplanted are taken individually from the back of the head (donor site). At Moser Medical, long hair is removed using the newly developed and cutting-edge HyRo instrument with its own oscillation, rotation and vibration technology. This instrument features a special extraction attachment, which enables the entire hair follicle unit to be removed gently and precisely – without having to shave the area beforehand.

In the long hair FUE method, follicle units are extracted directly from the scalp in groups of 1-3 hairs. Due to the complex and precise extraction, this technique requires several hours and therefore takes longer than the conventional FUE method. Thanks to our doctors’ experience and the greatest care in the extraction, combined with local anesthesia, patients don’t feel a thing.


Preparation and storage of the follicle units

Our medical team uses high-resolution microscopes to prepare the extracted follicle units (FUs) for the hair restoration. During the time between the extraction and the transplantation, the FUs are stored in our “Storage Solution”, a special nutrient solution developed by Moser Medical. This immunizes the hair roots against growth disorders. Meanwhile, the doctor prepares the transplant area with tiny openings (slits/incisions).

Precise transplantation of individual FUs

The prepared FUs are then transplanted to the predefined bald or thinning areas on the head. Our experienced surgeons take into account the direction of growth, structure and whorl to ensure a natural look. Moser Medical patients benefit from the highest level of care and our entire medical team’s decades of experience. 

You can sleep, listen to your favorite music on an iPod or even talk to our medical team during your hair transplant. You can have snacks or drinks, or go to the restroom at any time.

Post-care for the highest growth rate

Finally, the area is sprayed with BioRegeneration, an important medical solution developed by Moser Medical’s research team. It promotes hair growth, strengthens the hair roots and accelerates the healing process.

Once their hair transplant is finished, patients can return home or to their hotel the same day – accompanied by a companion or by taxi.

Because you won’t need to shave your head for the long hair FUE method, you can get back to work and social events in just 1-2 days.

Over the coming weeks, the hair will be in a resting phase. After two weeks you can do light exercise, and after a little more than a month, sports and strenuous activities are again possible without special restrictions.

About 4-6 months after your hair transplant, the roots will begin to develop new hair. During this phase, patients can see progress toward their end result almost daily. The end result can be seen after 8-12 months when strong hair has grown back in the previously bald or thinning areas.

Easy. Safe. Effective.
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