Comparison of Treatment/Extraction Techniques

Type of extraction A small strip of hair is extracted. No trimming of the donor hair region. The hair on the back of the head is trimmed to approximately 1mm and individual hair roots are extracted directly from the hair extraction zone with a special instrument.
How long does the extraction last? Around 30 - 45 minutes. Several hours.
What level of hair density is possible? A high level of density is possible because the extracted follicles are of high enough quality to ensure a high growth rate. The hair won’t be as dense because a certain portion of the transplanted follicles will be damaged or traumatised during the extraction.
How does the preparation work? The groupings of hair roots are individually extracted from the hair strip and prepared and organised by up to 15 specialists with the use of specially designed microscopes. Due to the effectiveness of this parallel work structure, the procedure can begin very quickly (approx. 30 minutes). Transplant is possible soon after. Without exception, every single hair removed with the HyRO instrument is examined and prepared under a high-resolution microscope. Depending on the scope of the procedure, this process can take several hours.
When will you be ready to go out into the world again? After a few days. Since the hair doesn’t need to be shaved down, the treatment is barely noticeable after around 3 days. After a few days. By that point the trimmed hair on the back of your head will have grown back.
When will you be able to partake in sport again? Approximately 3 weeks after a treatment (the treated area needs to heal in peace). Approximately 2 weeks after a treatment (the treated area needs to heal in peace).
How long does a procedure with approximately 2,000 FUs last? Approximately 4 – 5 hours Around 6 – 8 hours, although in larger procedures the time-intensive procedure can take up to two days.
Do you need to shave the back of your head? NoYes
What scars will be present in the donor-hair area? One long, thin scar that is cosmetically sutured and usually not visible thanks to the “complete growth technique”. Thousands of extremely fine, round scars that close after a brief period of time (typically not visible).
How long does it take for the donor-hair area to heal? How? The suture is removed after 10 days. It heals on its own after a few days. Small raised red bumps will disappear on their own after 1 - 2 weeks.