Compare Procedures / Extraction Methods

QuestionFUT hair transplantFUE hair transplant
Extraction methodA small strip of hair is extracted. The hair does not need to be shaved or cut at the donor site. The hair on the back of the head is trimmed/shaved to approximately 1mm and individual follicle units (FUs) are extracted directly from the hair extraction zone with a special instrument.
How long does extraction take?About 30 – 45 minutes.Several hours.
How are FUs prepared? The FUs are individually removed from the strip and prepared and separated by growth phase by specialists using specially designed microscopes. Due to the effectiveness of this parallel work structure, the procedure can be done very quickly (approx. 30 minutes). Transplant is possible soon after.Each hair extracted with the HyRO instrument is examined and prepared under a high-resolution microscope immediately after extraction. Depending on the scope of the procedure, this process can take several hours.
When can I get back to my social life?After a few days. Because the hair doesn’t need to be shaved or cut, your procedure will hardly be visible within 3 days. After a few days. This gives the shaved area on the back of the head time to grow.
When can I do sports or exercise again? About 3 weeks after your procedure. (Donor site and transplant area need time to rest and recover.)About 2 weeks after your treatment. (Donor site and transplant area need time to rest and recover.)
How long does a procedure with approx. 2000 FUs take?About 4 – 5 hours.About 6 – 8 hours. Larger procedures may be spread out over 2 days since extraction is time-intensive.
Do I have to shave the back of my head?NoYes
What about scarring at the donor site?One long, thin scar with cosmetic suturing that is usually not visible thanks to our suturing technique.Thousands of extremely small, round scars that will quickly heal themselves (typically not visible).
How long does it take the donor site to heal? Sutures are removed after 10 days.Heals on its own within a few days. Redness in the donor area typically goes away on its own after 1-2 weeks.
How many treatments/procedures are possible with the donor hair?3 – 4 treatments are generally possible. In repeat procedures, one single scar remains that can be covered by the remaining hair.1 – 2 treatments are possible. Nearby follicule units are scarred over in the first procedure which makes follow-up procedures more difficult. The number of microscars increases with every procedure.
What proportion of hair removed can be transplanted completely safely?93 – 100%93 – 100%
In terms of area, how great is injury to the skin during extraction?LowHigh
What produces the best results for light-colored hair?High reliability in the extraction of FUs possible. Losses during the extraction are higher than with dark hair.
What effect does a very tight scalp have?Only a small number of FUs can be harvested. (Can be improved with frequent special head massages per our instructions)No restrictions in extraction.
Are there any restrictions in the donor area in terms of aesthetics?No restrictions. The extraction area is completely covered by remaining hair (from 1 cm in length).The removal area thins slightly - depending on the scope of the procedure and number of FUs extracted. Round scars may become visible, or the back of the head may become sparse.