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Safe and best results!
We care about your utmost satisfaction!

When you have a hair transplant, you expect the best possible result. Moser Medical can give you this certainty. Our experience from 45 years specialization in hair transplants, and more than 35,000 procedures, forms the basis of our promise  to achieve the best possible result for your hair situation.

The Moser Medical promise

Making your hair dreams a reality

The perfect result of a hair transplant is a hair pattern that does not differ from natural hair growth in terms of hairline, aesthetics and density. 

The optimal result is influenced by many factors and begins with a comprehensive medical consultation with the consultant and doctor and detailed treatment planning. The desired forehead hairline is also determined by the treating doctor together with the patient.

The unique experience of our hair surgeons gives you the greatest possible security in terms of the results of the treatment. An optimal result requires great experience, dexterity and extreme precision when carrying out each individual treatment step (removal, preparation, transplanting). The result is not only determined by the number of hair roots transplanted, but also how much of the transplanted hair actually grows. This in turn depends, among other things, on how the hair roots are treated during the treatment.

Here you benefit from the expertise of our hair surgeons, who exclusively carry out hair transplants every day and carry out every hair transplant in our private clinic with the highest precision together with their specialized and well-coordinated medical team. This is how we achieve the best possible results for you.

Result analysis one year after your treatment

  • You will receive a personal invitation to discuss your hair transplantation results.
  • You schedule your check up appointment with your hair surgeon.
  • Together with your hair surgeon the result of the treatment will be analyzed.

Contributing factors for successful hair transplants

  • The choice of the most suitable extraction method (FUT, FUE or long hair FUE Long Hair) for your individual situation.
  • Professional preparation and storage of the FUs in the Moser Medical-developed Storage Solution.
  • The greatest care and decades of expertise in hair transplants.
  • The highest level of service and best post-treatment care with Moser Medical Bio-Regeneration solution.

Total return guarantee

we work Meticulously for you

We admit that when it comes to your hair, we are a bit greedy. Therefore, regardless of the extraction method you choose, we remove a small number of FUs more than were agreed with you in your consultation. This is done for your safety and it ensures that under no circumstances are fewer FUs extracted than required.

Karl and Claudia Moser

Each extra follicular unit removed is also transplanted – at no added cost to you. Moser Medical bears this additional cost for you.  

Free consultation

The fastest way to expert consultation. Moser Medical offers medical consultation  Contact us to schedule a hair consultation in our clinic in Vienna. Or, set up a free telephone/video chat consultation with us.

Free consultation at seven locations across Austria

We will be happy to provide more information on our guarantee during your free medical consultation. Contact us today to schedule your personalized hair consultation.

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