Hair Transplants for Balding

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It is hard to hide hair loss that has progressed so far that a person starts balding. Bald areas on the head are clearly visible and significantly change the appearance of those affected. Plus, bald men are often considered considerably older than they actually are.

Balding can also pose a health risk to people who go out into the sun without a hat or other type of head covering: the risk of skin cancer increases dramatically. A hair transplant for balding can help. Moser Medical hair transplantation procedures offer a long-term hair loss solution.

Moser Medical – trusted specialists in hair transplants for balding

In a hair transplant for advanced balding, an especially high number of follicle units (FUs) need to be transplanted to create an even look. Thanks to Moser Medical’s innovative methods, our doctors can transplant up to 4,500 FUs per transplant – a great advantage for patient with significant bald areas. Special attention must be paid to the direction of hair growth, hair structure and possible whorl. Every treatment is adapted to the patient’s specific situation.

This guarantees excellent results and long-term satisfaction. The foundations of hair restoration surgery lie in international hair research findings that the hair at the back of the head is genetically programmed to grow throughout a person’s entire life. These hairs are therefore extracted and implanted onto the predefined areas.

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Moser Medical are experts in hair transplants for balding

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With our highly qualified team of doctors and their experience from over 32,000 successful procedures, Moser Medical is one of the most established providers of hair transplants for balding. Our state-licensed private hair clinic in Vienna features the most cutting-edge technical equipment and exceeds even the highest hygiene standards. When you choose a hair transplant with Moser Medical, you can rest assured that you are getting the greatest safety and benefiting from our surgeons’ profound level of experience.

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