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Regardless of current hair trends, a full head of hair is synonymous with youth, beauty and health. So when hair loss begins, it is especially hard and can feel like a blow to your self-confidence. Around 12% of all men are affected by hair loss in their 20s. The amount of hair lost can increase continuously as the process progresses.

Half of all men are affected by genetic hair loss by their 50s. Although thinning hair and baldness are more socially accepted in men than in women, men often wish for fuller hair, which is often associated with a more carefree, easy-going lifestyle. A hair transplant for men can often be an essential means of success.

Hair transplants for men – methods and possibilities

The methods of hair transplants are based on international hair researchers’ findings that the hair on the back of the head is genetically programmed to grow throughout a person’s entire life. During a hair transplant for men, hair is taken from this area (the donor site) and transplanted to areas affected by hair loss – on the top of the head, at the receding hair line, or near the temples, for example.

There, the hair grows and creates a younger, more vibrant appearance. The Moser Medical team of surgeons and medical staff boasts years of experience with over 32,000 successful procedures – allowing us to create an especially natural, age-appropriate result with hair transplants for men.

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