Photos: 6 Days after FUE Treatment

How will I look immediately after  treatment? How will people perceive me? Can I go out in public? Moser Medical patient Thomas Mischer provides answers to these questions.

May 2017, Vienna: The final result of a hair transplantation, a full head of hair, normally needs about 6-12 months to fully grow. However, many clients are curious to know how their hair will look in the first days after a hair graft: "Do I have to hide my head? Can I go back to work, or go out around people? Will anyone notice that I had a treatment if I don't say anything?"

It was the same for Thomas Mischek. He was happy to share his personal experience for the benefit of future Moser Medical clients. Mischek provided photos and an interview on the seventh day after his surgery. "Of course, it'd be great to have a full head of hair as soon as you get home, but nature needs time to grow natural hair. I chose the FUE method, or the single-hair extraction method. I wanted to be able to socialise again as soon as possible," said Mischek. "My hair had to be shaved down to a few millimetres for the FUE treatment, but this didn't bother me. I'd worn my hair short for a long time already because of the large bald spots."

Learn more about the FUE method of hair transplantation, as well as the difference between it and the strip extraction technique (FUT).

Thomas Mischer interviewed 6 days after his FUE treatment at Moser Medical 

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