Award for Moser Medical Research

Dr. Walter Krugluger, leader of Moser's research team, was awarded the honour of "Lead Researcher 2017" by the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Vienna/Prague, October 2017. At this year's world conference of the ISHRS, which took place in Prague, Dr. Walter Krugluger and his research team received the "2017 ISHRS Research Grant" in recognition of their current research project on hair transplantation. As part of a comprehensive study, Moser Medical is exploring the different effects of the strip extraction technique when individually transplanting the extracted hairs or transplanting them together in their naturally-growing groups of up to four or five hairs. This award is an indication that the ISHRS recognises that the results of this research can provide significant insights into hair growth after transplantation and can help to optimise transplantation results.

Verfilmter Rundgang in der Klinik

Lehnen Sie sich entspannt zurück und begleiten Sie einen Besucher auf seinem Weg durch die Klinik. Vom Empfang über den Servicebereich geht es zum Beratungzimmer und schließlich wird auch ein Blick in die drei Operationssäle geworfen, die nach den Komponisten "Bach", "Beethoven" und "Mozart" benannt wurden.

About Moser Medical's research:

Moser Medical's research on hair loss, hair growth, and cell development has been internationally recognised for decades and has received many awards. At their Vienna location, Dr. Walter Krugluger, Katarina Laciak and other specialists regularly carry out research that helps to investigate the causes of hair loss, as well as to promote hair growth as a result of hair transplantation. These results are regularly published in international journals and presented to the public at conferences.

Two products of this research now exclusively benefit Moser Medical patients: the Storage Solution, a preparation that enriches the hair roots with nutrients during the critical time period between collection and transplantation, and BioRegeneration, developed to care for hair in the first days after transplantation. It minimises hair loss and promotes the rapid growth of transplanted hair roots.

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