Growth Guarantee Available Now

Moser Medical guarantees* a natural look and a growth rate greater than 93%!

Anyone who gets a hair transplantation expects the best results. At Moser, you'll can be sure to get just that. We guarantee* it. 

Vienna, May 2016. The perfect result of a hair transplantation is hair that is indistinguishable in appearance from natural hair growth in terms of hairline, aesthetics, and density. This depends much less on the number of hair roots transplanted and more on how many of the transplanted hairs grow. The growth rate is influenced by three factors:

  • Choice of the most suitable extraction method

    Professional preparation of hair roots

    Highest level of care during the hair transplantation

Almost everyone wants a thick, full head of hair, and the good, positive feeling that comes with it!

Karl Moser
Karl MoserFounder and Owner

Moser Medical has always achieved the highest level of satisfaction for their patients.


During the treatment, the number of transplanted hairs is precisely recorded. One year after treatment, the growth rate is assessed. If the growth rate is any less than 93 percent, we will fill in the missing portion for you as part of our free aftercare treatment.


* Because of our experience since 1979 performing over 30,000 treatments, we feel confident in offering this guarantee. Details about the GROWTH GUARANTEE from Moser Medical are available to read here or, learn more as part of a personal, free consultation at one of our 7 service locations across Austria.

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