Lectures in Hairdressing Schools

For several years, Moser Medical has supported the training of future hairdressers. In June 2016 alone, our experts visited three classes and spoke to over 50 students about the causes of hair loss and potential solutions.


Vienna, 21 June 2016. Medical consultants Helena Bartosek and Mag. Tatjana Tolnai think it is very important to support young hairdressers. "In our discussions, we repeatedly find that people who suffer from hair loss seek advice from their trusted hairdresser. It's helpful, then, for these hairdressers to receive quality information at school. We actively invite lecturers to schools to speak on the causes of hair loss, drug treatments and hair transplantation, as well as the current research."

Moser Medical has been Europe's pioneer in hair transplantation since 1979. There have been more than 30,000 treatments performed in the Vienna clinic to date. Along with solutions for hair loss, Moser Medical also places hair research at the centre of their mission. Co-founder and owner Karl Moser said: "Improving the hair-loss situation of those negatively affected by baldness is our passion. We are always striving to do better and deliver perfect results. On the basis of our decades of experience, all of our treatments come with an exclusive Growth Guarantee.*"

* Moser Medical guarantees that in treatments using the FUT technique, more than 93 % of transplanted hair will grow. Learn more.

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