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See for yourself the outstanding quality of our medical services: here are pre / post photos and video interviews of our successful hair transplant treatments.



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Markus M.  before treatmentMarkus M.  after treatment
Markus M.
Hair graft onto the hairline

learn more about Markus M.
Bernhard R. before treatmentBernhard R. after treatment
Bernhard R.
Dichte Tonsur dank Eigenhaarverpflanzung

learn more about Bernhard R.
Michael Werner before treatmentMichael Werner after treatment
Michael Werner
Hair graft into a receding hairline

learn more about Michael Werner
Stefanie Grill before treatmentStefanie Grill after treatment
Stefanie Grill
Hair graft after an accident

learn more about Stefanie Grill
Martin Nussbaumer before treatmentMartin Nussbaumer after treatment
Martin Nussbaumer
No more being bald: hair graft on the top of the head

learn more about Martin Nussbaumer
Thomas Weiß before treatmentThomas Weiß after treatment
Thomas Weiß
Front and rear of the scalp (tonsure)

learn more about Thomas Weiß
Renate Prenneis before treatmentRenate Prenneis after treatment
Renate Prenneis
Hair graft onto the frontal hairline

learn more about Renate Prenneis
Herwig Hasenbichler before treatmentHerwig Hasenbichler after treatment
Herwig Hasenbichler
I'm available to speak with people interested in a hair transplant.

learn more about Herwig Hasenbichler
Clemens Schwaiger before treatmentClemens Schwaiger after treatment
Clemens Schwaiger
Hair transplant onto the top of the head (including an intermediate status photo after 7 months)

learn more about Clemens Schwaiger
Freitas V. before treatmentFreitas V. after treatment
Freitas V.
Example of a hair transplant onto a receding hairline

learn more about Freitas V.
Friedrich Hirschberger before treatmentFriedrich Hirschberger after treatment
Friedrich Hirschberger
Musician in his late 50s: Hair transplant for more confident performances

learn more about Friedrich Hirschberger
Cornelia Ohrt before treatmentCornelia Ohrt after treatment
Cornelia Ohrt
Hair transplant after a hair-dye mishap

learn more about Cornelia Ohrt
Edith W.  before treatmentEdith W.  after treatment
Edith W.
Hair graft on a woman over 50

learn more about Edith W.
Michael V. before treatmentMichael V. after treatment
Michael V.
Receding hairline correction - 9 months after the treatment

learn more about Michael V.
Ms M.B. before treatmentMs M.B. after treatment
Ms M.B.
Receding hairline of a female patient over 50

learn more about Ms M.B.
Vassil Nikolov before treatmentVassil Nikolov after treatment
Vassil Nikolov
Travelled from Bulgaria to Vienna for a hair transplant

learn more about Vassil Nikolov
Walter I. before treatmentWalter I. after treatment
Walter I.
Man over 50 with a hair transplant on the front of the scalp, hairline, and tonsure

learn more about Walter I.
Mr Mair before treatmentMr Mair after treatment
Mr Mair
Working professional over 50 shows off his hair transplant

learn more about Mr Mair
Sabrina T. before treatmentSabrina T. after treatment
Sabrina T.
Hair transplant on a young woman with a high hairline

learn more about Sabrina T.
Gregory Chevillat before treatmentGregory Chevillat after treatment
Gregory Chevillat
No more annoying receded hairline!

learn more about Gregory Chevillat
Christian Lampl before treatmentChristian Lampl after treatment
Christian Lampl
Young actor with a hair transplant onto his receding hairline

learn more about Christian Lampl
Frau A.D. before treatmentFrau A.D. after treatment
Frau A.D.
Hair graft onto a woman's receding hairline

learn more about Frau A.D.
H. Turnowsky before treatmentH. Turnowsky after treatment
H. Turnowsky
The result one year after a hair transplant

learn more about H. Turnowsky
Herbert Krottendorfer before treatmentHerbert Krottendorfer after treatment
Herbert Krottendorfer
Hair graft in 1994

learn more about Herbert Krottendorfer
Josef Hackl before treatmentJosef Hackl after treatment
Josef Hackl
I've had two hair transplants at Moser Medical

learn more about Josef Hackl
Frau M.N. before treatmentFrau M.N. after treatment
Frau M.N.
Woman with a hair transplant onto her receding hairline

learn more about Frau M.N.
Karl Stiefsohn before treatmentKarl Stiefsohn after treatment
Karl Stiefsohn
This procedure turned out wonderfully!

learn more about Karl Stiefsohn
Hannes Szankovich before treatmentHannes Szankovich after treatment
Hannes Szankovich
Hair graft on the top of the head with 1400 FUs

learn more about Hannes Szankovich
Christoph Weinrauch before treatmentChristoph Weinrauch after treatment
Christoph Weinrauch
Transplant on the hairline and corners of a widow's peak: Result after 2 treatments

learn more about Christoph Weinrauch
Hannes G. before treatmentHannes G. after treatment
Hannes G.
Hair graft with blonde hair onto the top of the head

learn more about Hannes G.
Thomas Strizek before treatmentThomas Strizek after treatment
Thomas Strizek
A musician's transplant testimony

learn more about Thomas Strizek
Herr P. before treatmentHerr P. after treatment
Herr P.
Hair graft on the frontal scalp area and the widow's peak

learn more about Herr P.
Daniel Schiefer before treatmentDaniel Schiefer after treatment
Daniel Schiefer
Hair graft of 2000 FUs onto the widow's peak and frontal hairline.

learn more about Daniel Schiefer
Mr H.P. before treatmentMr H.P. after treatment
Mr H.P.
6 days after the treatment: an example of a FUE procedure patient's donor-hair area, including the partially shaved back of the head

learn more about Mr H.P.
Dezemil Zahirovic before treatmentDezemil Zahirovic after treatment
Dezemil Zahirovic
Hair transplant to thicken the hair on the tonsure

learn more about Dezemil Zahirovic
Siglinde Felgenhauer before treatmentSiglinde Felgenhauer after treatment
Siglinde Felgenhauer
More lust for life thanks to a hair transplant

learn more about Siglinde Felgenhauer
Thomas Mischer before treatmentThomas Mischer after treatment
Thomas Mischer
6 days after an FUE transplantation - the patient is ready to go out in public

learn more about Thomas Mischer
Thomas K. before treatmentThomas K. after treatment
Thomas K.
Rocker with a hair transplant on his hairline

learn more about Thomas K.
Walter N. before treatmentWalter N. after treatment
Walter N.
Hair transplant on a young patient with dark hair

learn more about Walter N.
Josef Hess before treatmentJosef Hess after treatment
Josef Hess
Hungarian Moser Medical Patient

learn more about Josef Hess
Florian Dürauer before treatmentFlorian Dürauer after treatment
Florian Dürauer
Hair transplant on a male patient with long hair

learn more about Florian Dürauer
Erich Köhldorfer before treatmentErich Köhldorfer after treatment
Erich Köhldorfer
Man over 50: hair transplant on the top of the head and the tonsure

learn more about Erich Köhldorfer
Norbert Greiner before treatmentNorbert Greiner after treatment
Norbert Greiner
Hair graft onto a receding hairline

learn more about Norbert Greiner
Mr F. before treatmentMr F. after treatment
Mr F.
Natural hair graft on the frontal hairline and the tonsure

learn more about Mr F.
Helmut Grauer before treatmentHelmut Grauer after treatment
Helmut Grauer
Hair transplantation in 1992 and how the patient looks today

learn more about Helmut Grauer
Thomas Ladner before treatmentThomas Ladner after treatment
Thomas Ladner
50-year-old entrepreneur with a hair transplant on his hairline

learn more about Thomas Ladner
Mr S.R. before treatmentMr S.R. after treatment
Mr S.R.
Hair transplantation for light hair and significant balding on the top of the head

learn more about Mr S.R.
Dominique Petter before treatmentDominique Petter after treatment
Dominique Petter
Fuller hair on the top of the head

learn more about Dominique Petter
Stefan David B. before treatmentStefan David B. after treatment
Stefan David B.
This patient had hair transplant surgery together with his twin brother.

learn more about Stefan David B.
Stefan Dominik B. before treatmentStefan Dominik B. after treatment
Stefan Dominik B.
This patient had hair transplant surgery together with his twin brother.

learn more about Stefan Dominik B.
Peter Thurnhart before treatmentPeter Thurnhart after treatment
Peter Thurnhart
Hair transplant surgery in 1997 + follow-up treatment in 2012

learn more about Peter Thurnhart
Werner Zmatlo before treatmentWerner Zmatlo after treatment
Werner Zmatlo
A happier life thanks to fuller hair

learn more about Werner Zmatlo
Erwin W. before treatmentErwin W. after treatment
Erwin W.
50+ year old patient with hair transplantation at the hairline, scalp and tonsure areas

learn more about Erwin W.
Manuel Horeth before treatmentManuel Horeth after treatment
Manuel Horeth
TV mentalist swears by Moser Medical

learn more about Manuel Horeth
Rohit Singh before treatmentRohit Singh after treatment
Rohit Singh
Hair transplant surgery for a thicker hairline

learn more about Rohit Singh
Mr S. before treatmentMr S. after treatment
Mr S.
Hair graft surgery in the tonsure area

learn more about Mr S.
Hanno Douschan before treatmentHanno Douschan after treatment
Hanno Douschan
Austrian Olympian chooses hair transplantation surgery for his receding hairline

learn more about Hanno Douschan
Robert S.  before treatmentRobert S.  after treatment
Robert S.
Beard transplant surgery on a 34-year-old Vienna patient

learn more about Robert S.
Dietmar Z. before treatmentDietmar Z. after treatment
Dietmar Z.
9 months post natural hair transplant surgery

learn more about Dietmar Z.
Manuel F. before treatmentManuel F. after treatment
Manuel F.
My receding hairline is history!

learn more about Manuel F.
Helmut Grogger before treatmentHelmut Grogger after treatment
Helmut Grogger
7 months post hair transplant procedure

learn more about Helmut Grogger
Mr J.H. before treatmentMr J.H. after treatment
Mr J.H.
Hair transplantation on the front hair line

learn more about Mr J.H.
Wolfgang Setzer before treatmentWolfgang Setzer after treatment
Wolfgang Setzer
Hair transplantation for a birthday gift

learn more about Wolfgang Setzer
Mr K. before treatmentMr K. after treatment
Mr K.
Three small procedures for a receding hairline, on the top of the head and the tonsure

learn more about Mr K.
Alfons Wieland before treatmentAlfons Wieland after treatment
Alfons Wieland
I put my trust in Moser Medical 20 years ago!

learn more about Alfons Wieland
Mr Adam before treatmentMr Adam after treatment
Mr Adam

learn more about Mr Adam
Alexander H. before treatmentAlexander H. after treatment
Alexander H.
Receding hair line? Not for me!

learn more about Alexander H.
Emmerich G.  before treatmentEmmerich G.  after treatment
Emmerich G.
In his mid-forties, this patient chose a front hairline transplantation

learn more about Emmerich G.
Francesco Iona before treatmentFrancesco Iona after treatment
Francesco Iona
More confidence thanks to fuller hair

learn more about Francesco Iona
Frank M. before treatmentFrank M. after treatment
Frank M.
Natural tonsure hair transplantation

learn more about Frank M.
Franz Neumann before treatmentFranz Neumann after treatment
Franz Neumann
Interview with Franz Neumann 10 months after his treatment

learn more about Franz Neumann
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