Hair Transplant Pioneers since 1979

Shaped by passion and dedication.

Hair is Moser Medical's passion. For over 40 years, the Moser Medical team has researched and treated patients with enthusiasm and attention to the highest standards of aesthetics and quality. From the start, the Austrian family-run company has been one of the world's top specialists in hair transplantation and continues to set international standards. Today, we have three state-licensed clinics in Vienna, Augsburg, and Bonn and over 100 employees. Moser Medical has performed over 34,000 hair transplants to date. 

Moser Medical milestones


The Moser Medical Group was founded


Milestones in hair restoration surgery


Platinum Follicle Award


35th anniversary


Revolutionary FUE instrument


New hair loss treatment –  STP


#ididit - athletes open up about their hair transplants

A life dedicated to hair begins

Brothers Karl and Werner Moser founded the first Moser Medical clinic in Vienna. The private clinic specialized in state-of-the-art methods of hair transplants. Well-known surgeon Dr. Jörg Hugeneck assumed medical direction of the company.

The “Moser Method” revolutionizes hair surgery

In 1992, Moser Medical presented the hair grafting method they had developed in-house to the international Hair Congress in Rio de Janeiro. The Moser method became a world-wide sensation. This technique, also known as “incisional slits grafting,” revolutionized modern hair surgery.

Awarded the highest distinction in hair transplantation

Sydney, August 2005: Moser Medical wins the “Platinum Follicle Award,” the highest honor awarded in the field of hair surgery. This was an important confirmation of Moser Medical’s outstanding performance.

Moser Medical is among the most experienced providers worldwide

Moser Medical celebrated its 35-year anniversary in 2015. Decades of experience allow us to see how Moser Medical patients from the 80s and 90s look today. It’s proof that patients can have a long-lasting solution to their hair problems when they decide to work with Moser Medical.

The FUE method begins a new era

Moser Medical was the first Austrian clinic to use the revolutionary hybrid rotation and oscillation instrument ("HyRO") for hair extraction. This development allows us to fulfill many patients’ requests for individual FU extraction with the highest possible growth rate, which we can now guarantee.

The instrument’s finely rotating and oscillating head, along with its special opening, allows it to precisely and gently achieve the highest removal and growth rates in the field of individual extraction technology. The days of “punching out” a hair follicle unit have been replaced by gently suctioning out the hair roots.

New hair loss therapy – without transplant

Everyone’s hair situation is unique, and a hair transplant won’t always bring the desired results – for example, if there is not enough donor hair available, it is too early to be transplanted, or because of other causes.

To be able to offer effective hair loss solutions in such situations, Moser Medical has offered STP micropigmentation since 2018. This is an additional innovative, proven technique to visually conceal sparse and balding areas.

Treatment with the STP micropigmentation technique results in the look of denser hair, in which color pigments matched to the patient’s hair are injected into the top layer of the scalp. This process is also colloquially called a “hair tattoo.”

Athletes speak openly about their hair transplants

"I did it!" say Austrian athletes like beach volleyball player Alexander Horst, tennis Davis Cup captain Stefan Koubek and several Austrian soccer players. What is “it?” A hair transplant with Moser Medical!

The athletes unanimously agree: “It’s great to have a permanent solution to hair problems. It shouldn’t be taboo.”

“We are open about having hair transplants and are happy to share the results.”

This honesty helps many people suffering from hair loss and other problems to learn about our cutting-edge hair transplant methods, and see for themselves how easy and effective they are.

Four decades of striving for more beautiful hair


Moser Medical celebrates 40 years and more than 32,000 hair transplants. As one of the very few hair transplant clinics, not only in Europe but in the world, the experienced Moser Medical team has been performing the various extraction techniques with three to four procedures a day for more than four decades.

In November 2019, without slowing down business, Moser Medical sent a five-member delegation to the annual ISHRS World Congress in Bangkok. Nearly 900 hair surgeons from 69 countries met to exchange experiences, and our head of research Dr. Walter Krugluger presented his latest findings.

2018 - 2019

2019 sawwell-known athletes open up about their hair transplants with Moser Medical. Their common message #ididit became synonymous in Austria for speaking openly and honestly about hair transplants.

In 2018 Moser Medical expanded its range of services to include STP micropigmentation to create the appearance of greater hair density.


A team from Moser Medical traveled to Los Angeles to participate in the world’s largest hair transplant event in 2018. This yearly event for the world’s leading hair transplant specialists took place in Hollywood. Dr. Walter Krugluger held an impressive lecture for more than 900 colleagues. During the course of the convention, our team gained new insights to further improve our quality.

2015 - 2017

2017 brought yet another milestone in Moser Medical’s history: they were the first Austrian clinic to use the revolutionary hybrid rotation and oscillation FUE instrument. This allowed for unprecedented success in FUE transplants. Thanks to the finely rotating and oscillating head and trumpet-shaped opening, the highest extraction and growth rates can be achieved precisely and gently in individual FU extraction.

2016 - 2017

In 2016 and 2017, Moser Medical continued exchanging experience with international experts. Dr. Jerry Wong from Vancouver, Canada, one of the most respected hair transplant surgeons in the world, visited Moser Medical in Vienna in October 2016. He discussed the trends, techniques, and methods of the future with our specialists, through an intensive exchange of information and experience.

In January and February, a five-member team travelled to visit Dr. Devroye in Belgium and Dr. Wong in Vancouver. 


In 2015, Moser Medical participated in the annual world conference for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in Chicago. Over the five-day conference, the Moser Medical team exchanged views with internationally renowned colleagues while attending lectures, podium discussions and workshops. 

Moser Medical also contributed to the conference: Dr. Walter Krugluger, research director at Moser Medical, delivered a lecture on “Gene Expression in Micrografts During Hair Restoration Surgery.”

2014 - 2010

In 2014, Moser Medical celebrated their 35th anniversary. In the same year, the brothers Karl and Werner Moser shared a very special honor: Governor Josef Pröll awarded them with the “Golden Medal of Honor for the State of Lower Austria.”

Moser Medical's most important undertaking in 2014 was a comprehensive study that focused on whether, and in what form, the external delivery of platelet plasma promoted growth in the transplanted hair.

In 2012, Claudia and Karl Moser and Veselina Jeslisavac, director of our medical team, met with some of the USA’s most influential hair transplant colleagues for professional exchange and shadowing.

Our clinic in Vienna went through a comprehensive remodel in 2011. The modernization was planned and executed by Werner Moser, Karl Moser’s twin brother and co-founder of Moser Medical.


In 2019, Moser Medical celebrated its 30-year anniversary of being an owner-operated company.

In 2007, Moser Medical was a fifth-time recipient of the Research Grant from the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). This grant was presented in recognition of Moser Medical’s special achievements and developments in the field of hair transplantation.

Moser Medical won the “Platinum Follicle Award,” the world’s highest honor in the field of hair surgery, in 2005. This was a unique endorsement of Moser Medical’s achievements, research, and pioneering work in the field.

The 2003 presentation of the “Collosseo Awards” in Rome and the Research Grant in New York confirmed the outstanding quality and consistency of Moser Medical’s work.

In 2002, Moser Medical received the Michelangelo Award in Florence. The same year, Moser Medical’s biotechnology research was awarded the Research Grant, one of the highest international awards in the field.

In 2001, Moser Medical’s clinic in Bonn was expanded and became state-licensed.

Karl Moser founded his own research laboratory in Moser Medical’s Vienna clinic in 2000. This milestone ensured the future of Moser Medical’s performance and expertise. Projects such as studying the biological mechanisms of hair growth and loss provided insights into the development of the storage and bioregenerative solutions which optimize hair transplant results. Successes such as these only benefit Moser Medical patients!

1999 - 1979

As the acceptance of modern cosmetic or aesthetic surgery increased, so did the demand. Moser Medical’s state-licensed clinic in Augsburg was founded in 1994. The range of treatment options expanded to include additional types of plastic surgery.

Moser Medical’s method for hair grafting was presented in 1992 at the international Hair Congress in Rio de Janeiro. The Moser Method became a worldwide sensation. Moser’s grafting technique, Incisional Slits Grafting, revolutionized modern hair surgery. This method gained immediate international recognition and became the worldwide model. It was even described in “Hair Transplantation," which sets the standards for the field. Moser Medical was the first to make this breakthrough in hair surgery when they developed the Incisional Slits Grafting method.

Moser Medical’s first German clinic opened in Bonn in 1989. In addition to hair transplantation, the clinic offered a comprehensive range of modern aesthetic surgery services. Only a few clinics worldwide operate on this same level.


In 1979, twin brothers Karl and Werner Moser founded the first Moser Medical clinic in Vienna, Austria. The private clinic specialized in state-of-the-art methods of hair grafting. Well-known surgeon Dr. Jörg Hugeneck assumed medical direction of the company.

The owners, doctors and medical team travel at least once a year to conferences and training courses with the few international experts of the time. A particularly special friendship and inspiring cooperation began with Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, Dr. Carlos Uebel and Dr. Nelson Heller.