Moser Medical Biotec Research

Over 20 years of internationally renowned hair research.

Hair transplantation has long been more than just grafts and the redistribution of hair. The Moser Medical research team, headed by Prof. Dr. Walter Krugluger, strives to better understand and use medical factors, their connections and interactions, to optimize hair growth.

Internationally recognized with multiple awards

Trusting us to achieve the best possible results is the most important reason why the majority of our patients choose Moser Medical.

This security and our expertise are supported by the impressive international recognition received by the research of Moser Medical and Dr. Walter Krugluger (head of our Biotec laboratory).

Our Platinum Follicle Award in 2005 confirmed that the Moser Medical Group is a leader in biotechnological research on hair loss and hair growth. Our team has been awarded several research grants from the World Association of Hair Transplanters (ISHRS). This research funding recognizes medically innovative ideas in hair transplantation.

Prof. Dr. Walter Krugluger MBA

  There is nothing better for me than being able to contribute to the well-being of people. Moser Medical invests greatly in research in order to constantly discover new active ingredients and treatment techniques. We give our full attention to hair growth, the preservation of the remaining hair and the sustainability of our treatments.

Exclusive benefits for Moser Medical clients

Moser Medical BioRegeneration

BioRegeneration was developed to gently care for your hair in the first days after your hair transplant. It minimizes the hair loss factor and promotes the rapid growth of the transplanted roots. BioRegeneration significantly contributes that the highest possible number of transplanted hair will grow healthily. BioRegeneration therefore makes a significant contribution to ensure that the highest possible number of hairs grow healthily in all hair transplants done by Moser Medical.

Moser Medical STorage solution

Our Storage Solution, a further Moser Medical research preparation, is used in the critical period between follicle unit extraction and transplantation. It enriches the hair roots with nutrients, activates them, and has been proven to promote healthy growth.

Moser Medical SHAMPOO

After their hair transplant, Moser Medical patients receive a special shampoo that is particularly gentle and full of nutrients. Thanks to its low pH of just 5.5, it is gentle on the scalp and ensures worry-free washing in the first few weeks after your procedure.