The Micropigmentation STP

Pigmentierung schütterer Haarsituationen

The medical pigmentation delivery system Scalp Tricho Pigmentation (STP) is a new technique for scalp shadowing. Its goal is to improve the wellbeing of men and women with scarce and thin hair growth, while also helping them to be more confident. Hair growth appears thicker and denser. Sparse or even bald spots will effectively be concealed in a lasting manner. 

Natural and aesthetic scalp densification 

STP (also called “temporary SMP”) is performed with colour pigments. They were developed to gradually lose their colour intensity approximately 6-24 months after the treatment. Usually the colour will have disappeared completely after 2 years at most. Therefore, we recommend a colour refreshment within one to two years.

STP refrains from using black colour pigments, as they turn blue or green over time. The key advantage of STP is that the pigment is implanted into a superficial layer of the scalp (only 0.05 mm deep). This allows for a particularly fine densification, making it a natural-looking imitation of hair. Blurring of the colour and the individual tattoo points are almost completely eliminated.

The final aesthetic look of your hair and the colour result will be attained after the second or third treatment. One can imagine this process as being akin to a filter. Individual steps lead to an increasingly dark appearance of your hair. Due to differences in scalp thickness, the colour does usually not fade away equally. As a result, necessary adjustments of the colour nuances will be made at further treatment sessions. Since it is only possible with STP to achieve perfectly authentic results and be able to adapt one’s hair situation and colour as desired in the future, Moser Medical exclusively offers STP treatments.

Advantages of a STP treatment with Moser Medical 

  • Certified training of Moser Medical’s staff at the world’s most renowned training centre in Milan, Italy
  • Experience with the front hairline and creating a natural appearance of hair in general, drawing on over 30.000 hair transplants
  • Presence of a hair transplant surgeon if local anaesthesia is desired by the patient
  • Products and instruments are state-of-the-art and of the highest quality
  • Exchange of experiences and constant R&D in cooperation with partner clinics
  • Renowned private clinic since 1979
  • Focus and specialisation: Moser Medical lives for hair and for aesthetic, natural hair appearances
  • Supreme hygienic standards – the clinic is state-licensed
  • All our clients are accompanied in person throughout the treatment
 Claudia Moser

We as Moser Medical Group exclusively use high-quality organic colour pigments that fulfil highest standards. Just as in the case of every other treatment at our clinic (e.g. hair transplant), medical know-how, our employees’ skill levels and our hygienic procedures are all a top level.

Who are STP treatments suitable for

At this juncture, there are three main possibilities of when it is feasible to use STP:

  • Ideal for women who are unhappy with their sparse hair growth or suffer from a medical condition causing a lack in hair density; therefore, the purpose is to improve hair density in areas where hair becomes increasingly sparse, causing a reduction in the colour contrast between scalp and hair
  • To correct and conceal scars
  • Ideal for men to fully trace a shaved look, resembling the appearance of shaved hair or stubbles
  • STP is particularly suitable for individuals who are not eligible for help in the form of a hair transplant due to medical conditions. It can be particularly helpful for women, who often do not suffer the consequences of genetic hair loss.
  • STP can very well be combined with a hair transplant, especially in the case of patients who wish for a dense hair appearance that is unattainable through a hair transplant by itself due to a lack of hair that can be extracted from the fringe of hair.

price for micropigmentation by Moser Medical

treatment price density effectrefreshment
scar correction € 1.090,- -
temples € 1.990,-€ 1.190,-
tonsure € 2.390,-€ 1.190,-
top of the head € 3.190,- € 1.190,-
temples & tonsure € 3.590,- € 1.190,-
whole head € 3.990,- € 1.990,-
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