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In addition to head hair, the eyebrows are frequently affected by hair loss or sparse growth of hair. Eyebrows are extremely important for our appearance because the eyebrows assume a central position in the face and frame the eyes. In contrast to hair loss on the head, the loss of eyebrows is absolutely tabooed socially.

Treatment proceeds similarly to the transplantation of one’s own hair on the head. But because eyebrows have their own characteristic features, there are small but fine differences. However, the transplanted hairs are also retained for a lifetime with this treatment. The direction of growth of the individual tiny hairs of the eyebrows changes extremely at different points. The hairs grow from the root in a way that they lie close to the facial skin. In contrast to the follicular units of 1 to 4 hairs on the head, the hairs grow individually. The most important thing is to follow the natural direction of growth. Only individual hairs can be utilised for the transplantation.

Just like baldness or thinning areas on the head, this zone can also be treated by means of hair transplantation according to the Moser Method.

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