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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is a procedure for extracting donor hair , during which hairs are extracted individually from the donor area with a special instrument. The transplantation hair takes place in an identical manner with FUT and FUE techniques – only the extraction of hair is different.

Extraction and preparation

With the aid of a special instrument, hundreds or thousands of small circular incisions are made in the skin around the follicular units in order to extract the individual follicular units directly from the scalp. This process is repeated until the number of FUs desired for the treatment has been extracted. Despite improved instrument technology, the risk that follicular units are damaged and therefore grow poorly after implantation is greater than with the FUT technique. The parts of the follicle under the skin are poorly visible to not visible at all, or they are often too closely together.

Donor area

In comparison with the FUT technique, the extraction of hair by means of FUE not only necessitates a much larger donor area (roughly five times the area for the same number of FUs), but is also considerably more time-consuming. This is why the costs with FUE treatments are higher than with FUT. The extraction using the FUE technique can be carried out with long hair as well as short hair. Shaving the donor area is unnecessary, but can simplify the hair extraction. The small holes arising from the treatment heal by themselves. In contrast to the FUT technique, no suture is necessary with FUE. However, with FUE hundreds to thousands of tiny scars remain on the back of the head. But as a rule they are invisible – if it is ensured that enough hair to cover the micro-scars is left behind in the donor area during the extraction.

Transplantation procedure

The extracted hair roots are immediately implanted after the extraction – as a rule, without intermediate step – on the bald spots on the head. The FUE treatment can last one or more hours and can be spread out over two consecutive days in the event of larger interventions.

The course of treatment at a glance

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