High forehead

Jutta Grum

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A person’s facial proportions are just and varied and different as the body proportions. Leonardo da Vinci’s “golden ratio” hardly occurs among people in real life. But who would not like to be beautiful? Particularly as a woman you have a high expectation insofar as first eye contact is concerned.

Some women have a high forehead from birth on, but very few really accustom themselves to this. A high forehead can be temporarily concealed with small cosmetic and hairstyle tricks, and this makes the facial proportions look more well-balanced. But what do you do if a lasting feeling of well-being does not set in? The high degree of skill and many years of experience possessed by our hair restoration surgeons are precisely exhibited in this case when it involves properly positioning the hair bordering on the forehead. We know that the hairline has to be set rounder and more feminine with women. This is important in order to attain a harmonious transition and thereby an aesthetically perfect result. We work according to the state-of-the-art “Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting” method. The finest precision instruments are required for the implementation. They are precisely adapted to the hair to be transplanted. Even under a microscope the result of treatment is generally very hard to differentiate from a natural hair image, and your hairdresser will hardly be able to recognise a difference or not at all.

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