A Fuller Head of Hair Brings You Greater Well-Being

Moser Medical premium service

We want you to feel amazing about our service and your results. Your journey begins with an honest analysis of your current situation. Only when we determine that we can achieve the best looking results for you will we perform a procedure – and only then. There is no guesswork in our procedures – our years of experience and skill guarantee it.

No compromises in quality and Hygiene

When it comes to solving your hair issues, don’t accept any compromises in hygiene or the quality of your treatment! The safest place for your procedure was and still is the MOSER MEDICAL private clinic in Vienna, Austria.

The security of treatments at Moser Medical is based on 3 pillars: 

  • As a state-licensed private clinic, we are subject to the strictest Austrian hygiene requirements. These are significantly higher than in other EU countries or Turkey and sometimes up to twice as high.
  • Our own Moser Hygiene Standard* exceeds the government’s regulations. Every day, our patients' speedy recovery and skin regeneration is proof that our hygiene standards are absolutely worthwhile.
  • The risk of COVID-19 infection has been reduced to the medically lowest possible level thanks to our seamless protective measures*, which apply to all guests, patients and employees without exception. The experienced hygienist Dr. Fritz Stauffer ensures a seamless concept and safe everyday execution.

No other hair transplant provider has such high safety and protection measures.

*Call us to find out more about our scientifically monitored, top hygiene measures: +43 1 879 6000

Karl Moser

It is very emotional for me to see patients beaming with joy about their hair.

Trust in Moser Medical

  • Experience. With over 34500 procedures performed since 1979, the Moser Medical pioneers are internationally renowned and Europe’s leaders.
  • Focus. We don't offer an assortment of aesthetic treatments in our clinic. Instead, we specialize in what we do best: we give our patients better hair with hair transplantation procedures and STP micropigmentation.
  • Reliability. Our owner-managed clinic has branches in Vienna, Augsburg and Bonn, all offering exceptional patient care before, during and after treatment.
  • Accessibility. Seven consulting offices throughout Austria offer potential clients easy access to initial consultation. For our international clients, we are able to offer consultation in various languages at our Vienna office – for example, English, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian.
  • Expertise. State-of-the-art hair transplants are performed by highly qualified hair transplantation specialists.
  • The highest standards of quality. Moser Medical is a private, state-licensed clinic. Regular internal and external control checks guarantee the best quality – for instance in hygiene, ensuring the highest quality procedures.
  • A strong team. Our experienced, long-term employees know exactly what they’re doing. Like a well-oiled machine, they work precisely for the good of our patients, both in the medical field as well as service and consultation.
  • International. Our specialists have learned from the best in the world and come to us for further professional development. Ongoing exchange of knowledge and experience is an essential part of Moser Medical’s philosophy.
  • Innovation. Our in-house lab conducts research and contributes findings to international specialist publications. We closely examine and question current trends. We only employ techniques that have been proven to produce improved outcomes for the betterment of patients.

Your path towards a long-term hair loss solution

Have a look at the results of our procedures – you will find more than 100 examples on our website, and our consultants will be happy to provide you with more upon request. Learn more about treatments and methods – at Moser Medical you have the freedom to choose the extraction method you prefer – and the financing. Let us help you solve your hair problem. Simply make an appointment for a free personalized consultation at one of our 7 locations in Austria.