Strip Extraction – FUT Method

FUT – follicular unit transplantation, also known as “strip extraction” – involves harvesting donor hair for a transplantation by removing a single ellipsoidal strip of hair from the donor area. This is the fastest extraction method. Tried and tested for decades, this extraction method is successfully applied world-wide and enables highest growth rates.

Exclusive advantages at Moser Medical

  • Experience: Specialists for hair transplants in Vienna since 1979.
  • Quality: We don’t blindly follow every trend. We work with an eye on the future and, based on our experience, know what our patients will look like in 10, 20 or more years.
  • Quantity: Up to 4500 FUs (follicular units) in just ONE procedure.
  • Safety: Our unique expertise and experience enables best possible results and gives you highest safety regarding the expected results.
  • Maximum performance: Internationally recognized hair surgeons and an experienced medical assistant team.
  • Recognized: Awarded the “Oscar of hair restoration surgery” (Platinum Follicle Award) and many other distinctions. These reaffirm Moser Medical's work as a leader in innovation.
  • The best hygiene: Our state-licensed private hair clinic in Vienna, Austria, exceeds the highest European standards and the AKH standard. Moser Medical regularly undergoes official checks.

What will my FUT procedure be like?


and preparation


of a strip of hair from the back of the head


of the extracted hair roots


of the prepared FUs


for the transplanted FUs

Detailed consultation and care on the day of your procedure

Before your procedure, you will have a detailed conversation with your doctor to determine your optimal new hairline. Throughout your entire day with us, you will be accompanied by your personal medical assistant who will happily take care of whatever you need. 

Hair transplants with the FUT method at Moser Medical generally take a few hours and are performed in one day.

FUT extraction

A thin strip of skin with all the follicular units to be transplanted is extracted from the back of the head/donor site. This process only takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. Our experienced surgeons work with the greatest care and skill.

The advantages of this extraction method are that it is quick, does not require shaving a large area on the back of the head, and is gentle on the extracted hair roots. This aids later growth and allows for the highest quality results.

Preparation of the extracted hair roots

Our medical team uses high-resolution microscopes to extract roots (FUs) in their natural groups from the strip of hair. This process must be done quickly but with the utmost precision to promptly transplant the FUs. The swift preparation ensures the highest growth rates.

During the time between the extraction and the transplantation, the hair roots are stored in our “Storage Solution”, a special nutrient solution developed by Moser Medical. This immunizes them against growth disorders and aids growth. Meanwhile, the doctor prepares the transplant area with tiny openings (slits/incisions).

Transplanting the hair onto bald or thinning areas

The last step of the procedure involves transplanting the FUs onto the predefined bald or thinning areas on the head. A natural and permanent result is our top priority. Moser Medical’s experienced surgeons use especially fine precision instruments, and take into account the direction of growth, structure of the hair and any whorl when making incisions. This combined with our doctor’s great skill and expertise contributes to especially high hair density.

For your well-being:

You will be conscious during your hair transplantation. You can sleep, listen to your favorite music or even talk to our medical team. You will experience a relaxing atmosphere free of commotion or excitement. Plus, you can have snacks or drinks, or go to the restroom at any time.

Excellent post-care for the best results

Finally, the area is sprayed with BioRegeneration, an important medical solution developed by Moser Medical’s research team. It promotes hair growth, strengthens the hair roots and accelerates the healing process.

Once their hair transplant is finished, patients can return home or to their hotel the same day – accompanied by a companion or by taxi.

Your hair can be washed two days after the procedure. After just a few days you can get back to work and light activities.

Over the coming weeks, the hair will be in a resting phase. After a little more than a month, sports and strenuous activities are again possible without special restrictions.

About 4-6 months after your hair transplant, the roots will begin to develop new hair. During this phase, patients can see progress toward their end result almost daily. The end result can be seen after 8-12 months, when strong hair has grown back in the previously bald or thinning areas.

The donor site after your procedure

The donor site is closed by a cosmetic suture. This suture can be removed by us (or your primary care physician) after a few days. Our special suturing technique (trichophytic closure) ensures the donor site is typically not visible after your procedure, giving you more freedom to choose either a long or short hairstyle.

Spenderbereich einer FUT-Haatransplantation - Detailansicht
Strip extraction

An overview of FUT

  • No shaving necessary
  • Very short extraction time
  • Donor site is generally not visible
  • Resource-saving method
  • Length of procedure: ~5 hours
  • You’ll be ready to go out in public again in no time

Additional procedures

  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
    is a method for harvesting donor hair in which the hair roots are removed individually. Thanks to the latest technology, Moser Medical also achieves highest growth rates with FUE.

Easy. Safe. Effective.
Before and after photos

Free consultation

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